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Compare and contrast 2 or more anthologies. Consider the principles and preferences which seem to underlie the compilers selections, and the purposes which the book might serve for specific readers.

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Compare and contrast 2 or more anthologies. Consider the principles and preferences which seem to underlie the compilers selections, and the purposes which the book might serve for specific readers. Poetry is very powerful and can create a range of emotions and enrich our lives. Poems can be there to help us through difficult times, to make us laugh, cry, reminisce or just entertain us. The value of poetry is endless. I am going to discuss 2 anthologies- Wendy Copes 'heaven on earth, 101 happy poems' and Andrew Motions 'Here To Eternity'. Both are highlighting the impact that poetry can have on our lives. I will look at the selection of poems, and will discuss a few in detail. Since becoming Poet Laureate in 1999, Andrew Motion has been tireless in his efforts to raise the profile of poetry. In his anthology he has brought together a wide range of poems, exemplifying his belief that, if we let it poetry has a unique power to enrich our lives as it diversifies them. The poems have been arranged in ten sections: Self, home, town, work, land, love, travel, war, belief and space. Although the poems are about these subjects they are about much more and can reflect many of the other topics in the sections as well as deepening the readers understanding of life and the world. This is reinforced by the title - 'here to eternity' it suggests that the world is much bigger than it appears and that we can learn a lot from poetry. Wendy copes anthology contains what she calls 'happy poems', which is highlighted by the title 'heaven on earth'. She sets out to prove that misery does not have all the best lines contrary to what many poets believe. The French novelist Henri de Montherlant stated that 'happiness writes white' and D.J Enright said 'the happiness you must take as read, the writing of it is so difficult. ...read more.


Although the writer states that the path he did take 'made all the difference' (line 10). My interpretation of the poem is that we should forge our own way in life and not follow the path already taken. Although t is not made clear if the difference is good or bad and this could be a sarcastic remark. Either way I think its highlighting the importance of decision making. This is something that is very important in life and when travelling. This poem is at the beginning of the travel section, I think this is a very good place for it as travelling involves many decisions. The Poem at the end of the travel section is entitled 'For William Harrison, Mariner' It is in the first person as well, but talks about the end of their travels. 'My anchors cast, my sails are furled, and now I am at rest' (lines 5-6). I think this just highlights how Motion has cleverly ordered his poem and how each section tells a story. To Conclude, Cope has proved her point that 'happiness does not write white' and that misery does not have all the best lines. She has cleverly used a range of poems to show this. Although I have shown that poetry comes down to personal choice and this selection is Copes and others may not be see them a happy. I have looked at a range of reviews (appendix b), these mostly appear to be positive describing the anthology as 'a moving collection' and 'gloriously exuberant', although some did describe it as an 'uneven and unimaginative selection' where copes definition of happy was 'blurred'. This reinforces the point that poetry is personal. Motion however appears to be taking us on a journey through his anthology, with different sections, where the poems are cleverly ordered to show progression. The poems that he has included appear to have an underlying message, to make the reader aware of something. ...read more.


Goodwin seems to be appealing more to people who don't usually read poems. It seems to be showing how poetry can be used. This is emphasised by the very colourful pages where the poems are spread out. Goodwin also includes a little comment on its poem to show what she got from the poem, to help the reader interpret and understand the meaning. She states at the beginning of the book that it is 'destined to be stained with wine, tears' they are poems to 'lasta lifetime'. Motion however sems to be appeling to educated readers of poetry as they are set out closely together. QUOTE - POETRY HELPS US UNDERSTAND LIFE Daisy Goodwins 'poetry to last a lifetime' is similar to motions as it also is split into section. However the sections are related more to human experience and emotions with sections such as; school, childhood, first love,work, parenthood, regrets, and last orders. The sections seem to track a lifetime and Goodwin suggests using it like a recipe book, turning to the sections when you need advice, reassurance or are 'dealing with life's emergencies'. This highlights the impact of poetry and shows readers how poetry can be used. I am now going to look at some poems from Goodwins anthology. The first at which is 'The Journey' by Mary Oliver. The title itself reflects thetitle of the anthology 'poems to last a lifetime.' Life itself is a journey and this poem can be used to understand it. The poem uses very simple language unlike the poems tht I have discussed in Motions book. The start of the poem-'one day' suggests a story is being told a story of 'your' (the readers) life. The poem is therefore written in the second person, this causes the poem to be very personal and very close to the reader. The poem is giving advice and is very relevant to all. The first poem I am going to look at is Craig Raines 'Heaven on earth' ?? ?? ?? ?? Poetry Assignment Student Number - 03972011 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Robert Frost section.

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