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Compare and contrast Seamus Heaneys 'Death of a naturalist' with Carol Ann Duffy's 'In Mrs Tilschers class' and comment on which one you find more effective'

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'Compare and contrast Seamus Heaneys 'Death of a naturalist' with Carol Ann Duffy's 'In Mrs Tilschers class' and comment on which one you find more effective' The poems written about in this essay are 'Death of a naturalist' and 'In Mrs Tilscher's class' these are two similar but very different poems. Firstly this part of the essay is about Seamus Heaney's 'Death of a naturalist'. The purpose of this poem is to inform, explain, describe, imagine, explore and entertain as this is a very entertaining poem, which make the reader imagine the pictures for the words. The theme of this poem could be one of two things, firstly the poem could be explaining the beautiful and the disgusting side of nature which makes the naturalist in the boy die. ...read more.


There is a normal word order. The poet uses very imaginative and figurative language, such as "gross bellied frogs were caked on sods, their loose necks pulsed like sails". This quote makes you imagine these disgusting looking slimy creatures with saggy necks that bulge. It gives you quite a horrible sight. Overall the poem has used words well and set it out perfectly to show the theme of the poem. This part of the essay is about Carol Ann Duffy 'In Mrs Tilschers class'. The purpose of the poem is to imagine, explore, entertain, inform and describe as in the other poem which helps the reader understand the poets use of words fully and imagine the scene. ...read more.


There is a good use of personification in this poem, which is "laugh of a bell". This shows that the room is happy and cheerful. Personification is a good way of bringing out the atmosphere in the room. There is a slight use of alliteration in the poem as the words "sexy sky" are used. Overall I prefer this poem to the other because this poem explains the experience of growing up truthfully as everyone has experienced it. The poet has explained is using a bit of comedy instead of being serious, telling you how you were born like your mum and dad tells you. These poems use the same theme, tone, form and style. I have enjoyed studying these poems and enjoyed writing about them. ...read more.

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