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Compare and contrast the opening sequences of 'Emma' and 'Clueless' in order to evaluate their success as media texts.

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Jaspreet Kaur Dhami 10PW Media Coursework Compare and contrast the opening sequences of 'Emma' and 'Clueless' in order to evaluate their success as media texts Media texts are written or presented pieces of information some for entertainment and other for educational purposes. 'Emma' is a novel written by Jane Austin, it was written in the year of 1816, then, was later developed into a film in the year 1996. 'Clueless' is a modernised adaptation of 'Emma'; 'Clueless' was released in the year of 1995. The two films' target audiences' are totally different. The target audience of 'Clueless' is teenagers as it instantly grabs the audiences' attention in the opening sequence, but 'Emma' does not really appeal to teenagers, 'Emma' seem to have the impact on teenagers, that 'Clueless' does, 'Emma' also doesn't seem to be as interesting as 'Clueless' to teenagers in the opening sequence. The sound tracks, music and voices are just as important as the backgrounds, colours and settings which are used to show effectiveness and also due to the types of music composed for certain audiences. The sound track of 'Emma' is very slow and motionless, totally unlike the sound track of 'Clueless'. ...read more.


Although the voices and sounds of the two films are important, The genre of the two films is varied, as 'Clueless is a romantic comedy, but the genre of 'Emma' is just romance. The reason why I think that 'Clueless is a romantic comedy is because the film has lots of humorous features and the film is not too stressful and serious. 'Emma', however, has a more serious approach to it, it only features a minimal amount of humour and is only based on romance. In the opening sequence of 'Emma' you instantly find out that the film is set back in the olden times and that the people it may feature will be living in grand houses, you realise this as when the globe moves is shows houses an residents, living just in the Highbury area of London, this suggests that 'Emma's' world does not go outside London, she also has the pictures of the residents of the homes painted on the globe, she has her at the end of the globe, this suggests that she thinks of herself as the most important person in her life, she has all of the 'Emma' characters painted in order of importance. ...read more.


The opening sequences differ in many ways. The main difference between 'Emma' and 'Clueless' is the setting, although the two films are filmed recently, they're settings suggest different timing for them, this suggests that 'Emma' is a more older film, however, this is not the case. Overall the two movies, 'Clueless' and 'Emma' have both been successful as media texts but in their own ways, due to the fact that they are both aimed at different target audiences, their methods of presentation are also very different. The colours to introduce the two media texts in the introductory parts of the film are very compositional and unique, to back this up i would like to suggest the difference between the background in the title of the opening sequence of 'Emma', as it is with a dull an old fashioned/ traditional style of writing, unlike the background and colours used in 'Clueless', they are bright and bold to make an impact on the audience and to interest the audience in the film. Both of the two films were successful in their own ways as media texts, the target audiences were different for both of the films this is why they are successful in their own ways. ...read more.

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