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Compare and contrast the poems 'I remember, I remember' and 'to the virgins to make much of time'

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Compare and contrast the poems 'I remember, I remember' and 'to the virgins to make much of time' As humans we all face the passing of time and inevitably death but how each person deals with this is different. This essay will compare and contrast two poems, called 'I remember, I remember', and 'to the virgins, to make much of time'. A comparative essay will illustrate how differently different people can experience life, yet how connected we all are through this experience we share. Both of these poems deal with the theme of youth and looking back in wisdom, a regret for the passing of time and a longing for it return. The first poem ' I remember, I remember' is written in the point of view of the poet. As the title suggests, this poem is about a mans reflection on his past and his comments on his present. He explains what he felt like as a child growing up, and how he took pleasure with everything that surrounded him. This is highlighted when he writes "my spirit flew in feathers then" this portrays his happiness as a boy and how he felt so free. He doesn't speak much about his future, creating an impression that he does not want to think about it too much and this keeps the reader at a distance, or maybe he is not enjoying the present and going through deep depression. ...read more.


Herrick chooses to infer that it is possible to live life the way you want but you must take responsibility. The poet goes as far as saying 'for having lost, you may forever tarry' this refers to the loss of early life and not regaining it. This is similar to the first poem in the sense that it also looks at this loss. Both poets use language very effectively to convey their feelings about childhood and adulthood. In ' I remember, I remember' the way the poet uses his language give us a vivid image of his happy childhood. The use of 'I' makes it personal and this makes the reader feel as if his feelings are real therefore we sympathise with him. The use of the exclamation mark reinforces his feeling of childhood excitement and wonderment. A description of nature is also mentioned "those flowers made of light" and "the lilacs where the robin built". This implies that nature is constant regardless as to what happens in our lives. This also reveals a continuing growing and blossoming each new day. The house he describes is almost like a perfect illusion of a child's idyllic house. "The little window came peeping at morn". This symbolises youth, hope and activity, it shows how as young children we want to live perfect lives as children, however the reality of it is that we will not end up living our dream. ...read more.


Another example is warmer/former. Both poems use metaphors to enhance the images they are trying to create. A powerful metaphor can be found in the line "gather ye rosebuds" He is advising us to make the most of opportunities that come our way while it is still possible. He refers to the sun as 'he' and like in ' I remember' this represents personification and hope in his life. Both poems clearly reveal the poets' attitudes towards life. Thomas hood chose to present his as a reflection of his past, with a sense of regret. Robert Herrick, on the other hand has chosen explain to the audience that it is possible to live life the way you want but you need to take responsibility. My favourite poem is ' to the virgins to make much of time' because this poem, I feel is very appropriate for this generation as it gives out a powerful message. It explains to us that we should live life to the full, especially while we young or otherwise we will regret it. Additionally I thought the first poem, 'I remember, I remember' was not as interesting because I believe it did not give a clear understanding of what the poem was about, I felt it was too personal. But overall the two poems have made me realise that we should live everyday as if it were our last. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jasmin Thind ...read more.

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