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Compare and Contrast the Two Video Versions of the opening scenes of “Macbeth” with the beginning of the actual Text.

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Macbeth Compare and Contrast the Two Video Versions of the opening scenes of "Macbeth" with the beginning of the actual Text. You Should Look At: Purpose Setting/ Background Actors- Appearance Delivery of Lines Movement-facial expressions Use of Camera The Play "Macbeth" is about a man whose life is dramatically changed by a meeting with three witches. This meeting changes his life. They corrupt him and turn him into an evil blood thirsty man. He was able to kill anyone that got in the way of himself becoming King of Scotland, and anyone that stood in the way of his happiness as King. Macbeth even has the courage to kill his best friend, Banquo. As Macbeth knew that Banquo posed as a threat as he was the only other person to know about the meeting with the witches. The Purpose of this assignment is to study the differences between the two film versions of the play, to the original text. We can see from the very start of each film version that each director (Polanski and Freeston) have different interpretations of the original text. The Original Text of Macbeth opens with the three witches talking about when they will meet next. The Polanski version shows this, but before this is seen, Polanski added in the witches casting an evil spell on a deserted beach with heavy clouds above them. ...read more.


But this seen is completely skipped out by Freeston. I can't think of a reason why this is. This is the same scene at which King Duncan announces the death of the Thane of Cawdor, and also announces Macbeth to be the new Thane. We have not studied any further than the meeting with the witches in the Freeston version, so I am not sure on how Freeston shows how Macbeth was told the news of him being the new Thane of Cawdor. After that scene, the book tells of the witches discussing their treatment of the sea Captain. But this is not mentioned in either of the films. The conversation may have been left out as it may have seemed irrelevant to both directors. Once this discussion is over, according to the original text, Macbeth and Banquo come along and so the first meeting between the witches and Macbeth takes place. This is shown in both films, mainly because it is one of the most important scenes in the play, the first meeting with the witches. This scene is where Macbeth receives his first predictions. These predictions tell Macbeth of how is to become Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland. At this time, Macbeth does not take these predictions seriously. As is to be expected as they seemed very far fetched. ...read more.


Polanski believed that Macbeth meant that the day was fair because they won the battle against the rebels, and that it was a foul day because there was such bad weather. Freeston believed that Macbeth meant the opposite, e.g. that the day was fair because of the weather, and that it was foul because of the battle. This leads us to believe that Freeston believed that Macbeth did not enjoy battles, but he knew that he was forced to fight in them. Polanski must have believed that Macbeth was already a blood thirsty warrior before the witches interfered in his life. So again, we see the differences in the interpretations of the words spoken by the characters from the original text and the movements of the characters etc. I think that the appearance of Macbeth in the Freeston version is more accurate as I believed that it showed what Macbeth was likely to look like, considering the time period that the play is set in. I also believe that the witches in the Freeston version are a lot better as they go against the stereotypical look of the witches, which is the look that Polanski chose for the witches in his version. The younger witch in the Freeston version looks very modern as she is wearing make up but always looks as if she is in a sort of trance as her eyes do not move in most scenes, when she talks. ...read more.

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