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Compare and evaluate the impact of the opening scene of the film version of 'Romeo and Juliet' by Zeffirelli and Luhrman

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Compare and evaluate the impact of the opening scene of the film version of 'Romeo and Juliet' by Zeffirelli and Luhrman In this essay I will be looking at how the two directors Luhrman and Zeffirelli produced the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet. These films were made about 30 years apart of each other, and are very different but both worked and were very popular with the audience of the time they were made. I will start by looking at what the play is about and what it has to offer to a director trying to make a successful movie. Then will look at both the films separately starting with Luhrman and then I will look at them together. When you look at the story of Romeo and Juliet it has so many things in it that would attract a young audience. If you think about it most people who go to the cinema are 14-25year olds so film directors will need to make a film that people in this age range would want to see. Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays every one knows the basic story of it and most children will of studied it at school during their time there. This play has in it true love, tragedy and suspense. The plot is fast moving and will keep the viewer griped if the film is done well this is the kind of scrip all directors would want. ...read more.


If you look at the first few minutes of the Zeffirelli version its very different. It's set in the time the play was written with traditional clothing. A man speaks the prologue again but this time it was a much more calming voice. The setting was the market place with a lot of people who weren't the main characters we are not introduced to the characters at all and are throne in with the dialogue straight away. Where as with the Luhrman's version we have the long intro. There are two big differences in the two films the first one is that in Luhrman's the Montague's are dressed in bright clothes where as the Capulet's are dressed in dark back clothes, where as Zeffirelli has done it the other way around with the Montague's in the dark clothes and the Capulet's in the bright. I think that this indicates who the directors think is the bad side. With Luhrman's version he has the Montague's dressed in bright clothes so I think that he sees them as the good side. He has put the Capulet's in dark clothes and I think he must see them as the bad side. Zeffirelli had this the other way around so I believe he must of seen the Montague's as the bad side and the Capulet's as the good side. ...read more.


Where as Luhrman film it's at what we think is a police interview room, and it is just the main members of the two families this way it makes it more formal and draws your attention in to this more than the other. Even thought both of these films are set and made in very different ways they both had a great impact on the audience of their time. The Zeffirelli was very modern in many ways it was the first film to star such young actors and actresses with the leading lady being only 16 this really shocked people in the time it was made where as to day we probably wouldn't think anything of it. Both the films were aimed at the same age range but after watching them both as a 15 year old I find it more enjoyable to sit and watch the Luhrman film. This shows how much different a 15 year old to day is to a 15 year old 30+ years ago. Think the reason I found Luhrman's version so much easier to understand was because it was very visual and the ways that the characters spoke it came across as if it was the way they had always spoken so it flowed also everything that they were saying was acted out, by this I mean what they said didn't really matter because you could get a clear idea of what was going on by the body language of the characters and by the way they were saying things the tone in there voices. ...read more.

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