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Compare the opening scenes of the two 'Romeo and Juliet' films.

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Compare the opening scenes of the two 'Romeo and Juliet' films In this essay I will be comparing two Romeo and Juliet films done by different directors at different times. The first film I will be comparing was directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 1968, which is considered the older version and the other film I will be comparing was directed by Baz Luhrmann in 1996 and this is considered the more recent version of Romeo and Juliet. For each film I will be comparing the opening prologue and opening scene, which lasts about 10 minutes, and both films differ in the way the scenes are set out and shown to the audience. In the more recent film of Romeo and Juliet the prologue is presented in many different ways. The first image to appear on the screen is a television with a newsreader, reading out the prologue, as if it is a piece of news, the prologue is still in its original text so I think it doesn't really work very well as newsreaders tend to be more modern. The prologue is then shown in a form of a male voice over which is very powerful and dominant whilst the prologue is being read flashes of the film later on in the play are ...read more.


motion shots, there were many parts of the fight that had slow motion filming, when they were shooting at each other and when the fire starts in the petrol station this is good because it makes the audience keep watching because they want to know what's going to happen. The costumes and behaviour of the characters is very important, as it is the opening scene so if people don't like them at the beginning they aren't likely to keep watching the rest of the film. The two families are complete opposites with dress and behaviour, as the Montague's are very laid back and casually dressed, as they are wearing typical Hawaiian shirts and jeans, they are also typical white race Americans where as the Capulet's are very smart and uptight with black boots some with steel toes and black trousers and they are all wearing waistcoats with religious images as religion plays a big role in their life's, they are also from Italy or Mexico so they are not typical Americans. The Montague's are shown, as a very scared and funny family where as the Capulet's are a very serious and threatening family that don't seem to be scared of anything. ...read more.


This film is also a bit more graphic in the fight as you can see all the violence where as in the other is was more hidden and in this film the two families are more evenly matched in fighting terms but in the more recent film the Capulet's seem to be in control of the fight. The fight is set in the centre of a medieval town in the market square, which is very featureless compared to the newer film, which has lots of decoration, and there is also no music in the fight of this film. The two versions of Romeo and Juliet are very different as they are both set in different places and at different times but they both show the basic comparisons as they are both based from the same script, as they both have opening prologues and a fight in the opening scene. I preferred the more recent film of Romeo and Juliet as I thought it was more dramatic and had a lot more character to the film which would make me want to watch it again where as the other film was very lifeless and boring. I also thought the actors made the film more noticeable and watch able as most of the actors were well known by the public so that would make more people want to watch it. Natalie Dent 10CCF ...read more.

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