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Compare the representation of relationships in the poems Text, Forest, Row and Quickdraw

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Yasmin Ahmed 13MLO Compare the representation of relationships in the poems ?Text?, ?Forest?, ?Row? and ?Quickdraw?: Rapture is Carol Ann Duffy?s chronological recollection of a previous relationship which lasted 52 weeks; hence the book consisting of 52 poems. The first of the poems stated is ?Text? which represents the birth of the relationship as Carol and her lover text each other ?significant words?. The poem ?Forest? marks the relationship?s transcendence into intimacy as the poem ?Row? illustrates the rocky patches of the relationship in which they have an argument and ?Quickdraw? is the aftermath of their anger towards each other which leads to a period of dormancy. The language used in the poems represents the stage in which the relationship is in during the week it correlates with. Repetition emphasises the stage in which the relationship has developed. ...read more.


?Row? represents the shift in their relationship from passion and happiness, to the explosiveness of an argument they have. Duffy uses the repetition of the conjunctive ?But? to prevent the counterfeiting of a perfect relationship; there were obstacles in her love story also. In ?Quickdraw? the extended metaphor of a Western ?show down? is used to illustrate the emotional combat between the couple as they text each other after an argument. The semantic field of western cowboy-eque dual is used with ?high-noon?, ?Last Chance Saloon? and ?Sheriff?. This displays the chaotic state of the relationship as the hyperbole of comparing their argument to a dual to the death, using their mobiles as ?guns?, emphasises the ?calamity? of the situation. There is also a direct contrast to the poem ?Text? in which the mobile phone is tended by Duffy as ?an injured bird?, a mechanism of communicating her love to her girlfriend; whereas ...read more.


The use of water as a motif for passion is again repeated in the poem ?Row?; ?But when we rowed, the room swayed and sank down on its knees?. The word ?row? could be considered to have a double meaning, as arguing and physical rowing on a boat. If the word row is conceived as the action of rowing on a boat, on water, then it represents their distance from the passion they had earlier as instead of allowing themselves to be submerged in the passion (e.g. Water or river), they row away from the love they experienced earlier in the relationship. The structure of the poems depends on the nature of each poem. ?Text? is about the couple texting each other short, sweet messages early in the relationship, which explains the short, two line stanzas with a very simple rhyme scheme. ...read more.

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