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Compare the Way That Childhood Is Described In Peter Abraham'S Crackling Day and Sean O'faolain's The Trout

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COMPARE THE WAY THAT CHILDHOOD IS DESCRIBED IN PETER ABRAHAM'S CRACKLING DAY AND SE�N O'FAOL�IN'S THE TROUT In the stories, Crackling Day (written by Peter Abraham) and The Trout (written by Se�n O'Faol�in), are in there own way similar. They are both 20th Century stories. They both make you feel sympathy for the children. They were joyful at the beginning of the stories they are in, but cruelty be found them through the middle of the story, and tortured them. The Trout is an Irish short story, about a girl called Julia who finds a trout stuck in a well and desires for the trapped trout to be free. Crackling day is possible a South African short story, about a Black boy (from hereon I'll call him Dale) ...read more.


There are many differences between the two such as the obvious that ones a girl and ones a boy, they belong to different nationalities. Ones about a trout and the others about racism. Julia in The Trout has, near enough, a lot of freedom, but Dale in Crackling Day has just about no freedom due to him being Black. Julia lives with her parents and is situated at a holiday camp called 'G', whereas Dale lives with his Uncle and Aunt on a plantation, because his parents are dead. Julia has had a healthy, fairly wealthy life, but Dale has a really poor, uneasy life. In the Trout, Julia is looking out for the trout, and in Crackling Day, Dale looks out for himself. The girl has a name, but the boy doesn't. ...read more.


This illustrates the way blacks were perceived by whites, even though the blacks had to many things for whites. In The Trout, there is no harsh language, nor strong language, and very little intimidation. As you can see, both, The Trout and Crackling Day were (in their own unique way) different, but similar. In my point of view, I thought The Trout was a boring story because it was about a girl who finds a trout, trapped in a well, and decides to help free it. Whereas, in Crackling Day, I thought that the story was sad, because the kid - Dale - had to discover the world by having to go through his childhood, in a racist society, and having no choice, but to put up with it, otherwise, he would be beaten. I know that in the two stories, there is a difference. ENGLISH ESSAY 2 ...read more.

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