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Compare the ways in which Stoppard and Bront use multiple timeframes to create effect in the scenarios which occur in Arcadia and Wuthering Heights.

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Compare the ways in which Stoppard and Bront� use multiple timeframes to create effect in the scenarios which occur in Arcadia and Wuthering Heights. Both Bront� and Stoppard use multiple timeframes as a technique for creating effect in their stories. By looking at the various ways in which they do this we can see the range of effects that this can create. Every aspect of how these effects are generated makes a huge difference to how the literature is read. The style of the authors and the thoughts provoked from their respective pieces are partially down to how they have executed this technique. For example Stoppard's trademark mysteries would not work at all without the use of a variety of perspectives from different periods. The use of timeframes is far more obvious in Stoppard's Arcadia than in Bront�'s Wuthering Heights. The central theme of the play revolves around using two periods of time to create various mysteries that we as an audience already know the answer to, while the characters are left in the dark due to their view of only one of the time periods. The effect that this creates is both farcical and satirical. Farcical because we watch the characters poking at threads and working themselves up over matters that only we know is leading them nowhere; and satirical as ...read more.


Throughout the play there are references to a hermit that, by only seeing one timeframe we would simply brush off as unimportant, however when you look at the play as a whole there are various clues that suggest that a hermit did exist and that it may have been the character Septimus in his later life. Although this a mystery which is never officially solved it is a brilliant plot device created by Stoppard as it allows the reader to carry on inventing further stories from what we have read. He makes use of both time periods to leave enough clues for us to speculate and enhance the experience of the play. This mystery links to the one relating to Thomasina's death as it is apparent that Septimus had fallen in love with her before she died and it is concluded by many that the hermit, who spent his life trying to prove some huge theory and going mad in the process, was Septimus trying to complete Thomasina's work. This is an example of how we would not have been able to piece together this speculation were it not for the combined information from the love story from the regency period; and the hermit information from the modern period. ...read more.


Finally the structure used by the two authors has its similarities and differences. They are similar in that they both jump between the different periods involved, but are different in the ways in which they do this. In Arcadia there is far more structure to the way that this done, with each scene swapping between the two timeframes. In Wuthering Heights however the current timeframe depends on who or what is speaking at the time which remains inconsistent throughout the novel. How the structure has been set out is partially down to the fact that Stoppard has the advantage of hind sight, as he is not himself a Victorian writer, allowing him to pinpoint what he believes to be interesting from this era. Bront� however has the advantage of a first hand view making her writing seem more believable as a real story. In conclusion I have seen that there are a number of ways in which this technique can be implemented into a text to produce a diverse array of positive outcomes. While all the authors I have looked at have many similarities in their respective works the final effect of what they produce is extraordinarily different. This tells us that the way an author utilizes a technique such as this can change the entire meaning or style of the work he or she is producing. Patrick Ball Word count - 1329 ...read more.

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