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Compare the ways in which the authors of "Road" and "A view from the Bridge" present the feel of unemployment

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´╗┐Compare the ways in which the Author's of Road and A View from the Bridge presents the feel of unemployment and how this effects certain charactors identity. You should also include viewpoints of other readers in your essay. A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller was written in 1955. Miller worked in the Brooklyn shipyards for two years where he befriended the Italians he worked alongside. He heard a story of some men coming over to work illegally and being betrayed. This story is what ispired A View from the Bridge. Italy in 1955 was an extremely poor country. During World War Two, Italy had initially fought alongside Nazi Germany. Italy then switched sides in the war and supported the British allies, but suffered huge loses in northern towns and villages as the Nazis tried to take revenge. The economy was slow to grow with no jobs and no prospects, which is why so many people decided to try their luck in 'rich' America. There was a thriving trade in illegal immigration, encouraged by the dockyard owners, who knew that they could get cheap labour from immigrants until they had paid for their passage over. Once they had paid their fare, the immigrants were left to make their own way. ...read more.


This can be argued that his identity is strong as he has such an important job in society yet he quotes, 'we're only thought of in connection with disasters, they'd rather not get too close'. Even though Alfieri is a lot better off his identity is still his downfall due to how people in society when this play was written have percieved him. In Road, a prime example of a character who has no job, no money, and no identity is Molly. she lives in a house on her own which is described as 'a little room; sink, table and chair, cooker'. Cartwright chose to use the list technique to show how little Molly has of her own, due to having no money. 'On the table is a box full of old make-up'. Cartwright also uses the word 'old' a lot in the monologue about Molly. This leaves an impact on the audience feeling sorry for Molly because she is old and vunerable, and shows how hard the effects of unemployment and lack of identity can be. Everything is desribed as being 'old'. This can be said to be linked to society of this time, and that it's growing old with little hope of getting better. ...read more.


Now all I got left is this tape, and this box full of all me old records'. His identity is gone as he now doesn't have a job or even a family, and just like the prostitute he has no name as it's not mentioned in the play and he also says 'I'm not really a professor, I'm just a nosy bastard who wants to try everything'. The structure of the two plays are quite different. The pace of Road is a lot slower, to some what make it uncomfortable for the audience to watch but to also show how it must have been like for the characters at that time. Cartwright also uses monologues to show the lack of identity some characters had for example Molly. These monologues also help dictate the pace of the play and in this case slow the play down dramictally. This to makes it uncomfortable for the audience to watch but also shows how unemployment and lack of identity had an impact on people's lives and on society. Comparing this to A View from the Bridge, the scenes and acts are a lot longer and much more drawn out. This can be linked to the identity of the characters and how it makes everything much harder to deal with and so the scenes are a lot longer and persistent. Also A View from the Bridge is structured often around Eddie. ...read more.

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