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Compare Vera Brittian

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Basing your answer on extract a and b you should: > Write a compression of the ways the poets present the loss of a loved one > Say how far you agree with the view that Hardys poem about a soldier's death is more moving and effective than Brittains poem about her grief. 'Perhaps' by Brittain and 'A wife in London' by Hardy, both deal with the subject of the loss of a loved one through the destructions of war. Both poems are written from the point of view of a grieving female who has lost her husband, there are however two major differences that could affect how the poem is perceived by the reader and how much impact they will have in conveying the loss of a loved one. Hardy's 'A wife in London' has been written by a male in the female perspective, this could affect the authenticity of the emotions portrayed, as it could be argued it is extremely difficult for a male to immerse themselves so far into the female mind that they would be able to present such personal, tragic and ultimately feminine emotions faithfully. 'Perhaps' however has been written by a female (Vera Brittain) ...read more.


Hardys 'A wife in London' supports a more erratic form and structure. Written in quintitains of a regular ABBAB rhyme scheme and irregular beat, the poem provokes a more urgent tone. The flustering muddle of an individual who has just received news of the death of a loved one is clearly portrayed. The irregular placing of the lines adds to this, conveying the confusion and instability the loss of a loved one often brings. The juxtaposition of the verses in 'A wife in London' provokes pathos in the reader. The poems slow and steady start familiarizes the reader with the theme and pace of the poem only to, overwhelm them in the final two verses with a shocking turn of events and pace. 'Page-full of his hoped return, and of home-planned jaunts by brake and burn in the summer weather...' Hardy shocks the reader with this abrupt and unexpected turn of events, and it is this sudden shock along with the bereavement caused by hearing of a joy filled future plan whilst knowing it can never be possible that powerfully communicates the immense sorrow the loss of a loved one can bring. 'Perhaps' in contrast is predictable in its pace and the reader can often preconceive where the poem is heading, therefore creating less of a moving impact on the reader. ...read more.


ago', highlights the tragedy of the poem, although Brittain may be optimistic the truth is she will never move forward, she will forever remain caged by her sorrow, as she can never love again and therefore never move past the love and loss of her husband. The personification of 'time' represents the power it possess, time can provide many happy memories however can also in heartbeat snatch them away, this is what has happened in Brittains situation she has been snatched of future memories by 'Time' and although it may be 'kind' and provide her with alternate happiness it can never compensate for the loss she has experienced. The capitalization of the 'T' in 'Time' also gives a god-like persona. I would agree that Hardys poem about a soldier's death is more affective than Brittains poem about her grief, as it is much more unpredictable and erratic in its structure, juxtaposition and form, therefore conveying a more urgent effect, as one would experience after having lost a loved one. The further complexity of the language used by Hardy in comparison to Brittain also provides a greater emotional impact. Britain's 'Perhaps although successful in portraying the subtle pains of losing a loved one is too simplistic and therefore creates a lesser impact on the reader. ...read more.

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