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Comparing "That surprising Craig girl!" advert (Text 25), and the online news article "Why we all need to eat red meat", by John Torode (Text 9) to show the importance of eating well.

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´╗┐Compare two texts from the anthology that show the importance of eating well. Two texts that show the importance of eating well are That surprising Craig girl! advert (Text 25), and the online news article Why we all need to eat red meat, by MasterChef?s John Torode (Text 9) Test 25 emphasises the importance of eating well with reference to the success of the female athlete Pam Craig, to persuade the reader to buy Grape-Nuts, a nutritious breakfast cereal. ?But then again, girl or no girl, there isn?t really anything surprising about perfect physical condition winning.? On the other hand, Text 9 shows the detrimental effects of the countries diet and is trying to show persuade the country to eat healthier by eating red meat, and getting rid of the negative attitude that is attached to it. ?we are becoming more obese and hardening of the arteries and cardiac diseases is as much of a concern as how farming affects global warming. But here?s the truth beef is not to blame.? Graphology in Text 25 adheres to the conventional forms of an advertisement. The image of Pam Craig in action commands half of the page, this acts as n eye catching focal point as the article was published in Good Housekeeping, a magazine with a largely female image. ...read more.


The use of the caption ?John Torode as Smith?s, his Smithfield Market restaurant which is the culmination of his love of beef? reinforces the expertise shown by Torode. Regarding the layout of Text 9 it is easy to navigate with the use of paragraphs for each section. Phonological features are evident in Text 25 to keep the reader entertained after the picture initially attracted them to the advertisement. Examples of these include alliteration ?essential elements? Onomatopoeia such as ?splash? and ?chewing? also assonance ?a food you will enjoy chewing? These are examples of language crafting. This is compared to Text 9 where phonological features are used in a similar way. The use of assonance is used in the headline to grab the readers attention ?Why we all need to eat red meat by, by MasterChefs John Torode? From the start inclusive language is being used ?We? to show the audience that this issue involves them and they need to do something about it. It is also used as a catchy headline, which makes it easier to reference when bringing the article up in conversation with others. Text 25 was published in the 1920s, this is shown by the archaic spellings ?to-day? and outmoded concepts ?Chewing promotes good teeth? The reception of this article is very empowering for women since it was published in Good Housekeeping magazine. ...read more.


In conclusion Text 9 and Text 25 have similar graphological aspects and in the way the two texts are structured and presented since they are both examples of texts in an article format with the use of headlines, pictures and captions to capture the readers eye to make them read on throughout the article. Phonology is also used accordingly in both texts with the use of features such as alliteration and assonance used to entertain throughout the article after the pictures and the headlines, which initially captured the audience. Grammar in both texts the use of short sentences is used to create suspense in Text 25 to as whether Craig is going to win the race, and used correspondingly in Text 9 with it being used for persuasion. Context production and reception also figurative language is used differently in both texts. In Text 25 it is published in a magazine aimed towards women in the 1920s to give them a person to idolise and give them the sense of empowerment. This is compared to Text 9 where it was published in 2008 as an online newspaper article which makes it more accessible to the public. It is very informal to make the audience feel comfortable. Regarding figurative language Text 25 uses metaphors and Text 9 uses rhetorical questions but they both serve a similar purpose to persuade. ...read more.

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