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Comparing the behaviour and language of Macbeth and Banquo from act 1 scene 3 to act 3 scene1.

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Andy Hutton English Essay. In this essay I will be comparing the behaviour and language of Mac Beth and Banquo from act 1 scene 3 to act 3 scene1. Mac Beth. In act one scene 3 where Mac Beth and Banquo are returning from battle. Mac Beth is standing tall and proud as they have won. He is already the thane of Glamis and has started to be noticed by everyone as a very good warrior and a battle hero. At the point where they meet the witches for first time Mac Beth is on a real high. His first words are "So foul and fair a day I have not seen". This quote is very important as in act one scene one the last thing the witches say is "Fair is foul, and foul is fair" which shows before we even meet Mac Beth the witches already have some control over him. ...read more.


I now think Mac Beth has gone very down hill from being kind and honest to being heartless and greedy. Where Mac Beth is talking to the murderers trying to get them to kill Banquo for him he says "both of you know banquo was your enemy" not only is he betraying his best friend he is getting him self out of it. What did of noble king kills people just because they are a threat. That is how I think Mac Beth has changed as before he would never think of doing such a thing but now it is almost as if he has to. Banquo. I think Banquo is very different to Mac Beth as all the way though the story I think he was just looking out for Mac Beth trying to make sure he made the best decisions. When he witches tell them about the predictions I think banquo is just as shocked as Mac Beth at first but I think as he thinks about it he is slightly jealous. ...read more.


In the conversation between Mac Beth and Banquo at the very beginning of act three scene one I think there is a lot of sarcasm like when Mac Beth says, "Fail not our feast" and Banquo with replies, "My lord, I will not". It is as if they are telling lies to each other. Mac Beth thinks Banquo doesn't have a clue but Banquo has his suspicions that Mac Beth will have him killed he just doesn't know when and where. I don't think Banquo does actually change that much at all if any thing he would now be much more weary of everyone and would not trust as many people as before. Mainly because the person he once trusted the most now wants him dead. Overall I think that Banquo could properly have made things different if he had been a bit more confident a spoke out more. All the way though I got the impression that he had a lot more going on in his head that he was letting on. ...read more.

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