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Comparing "Time and Place" Poems: "A Major Road for Romney Marsh," "Balance Sheet" and "In Romney Marsh"

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Comparing "Time and Place" Poems The three poems that I have studied are all in the category of Time and Place; therefore historical time or the time of day are going to be very important in the poems. The first poem; Balance Sheet by John Montague is written in modern times, in the twentieth century. It is set in Northern Ireland. The second poem, A Major Road for Romney Marsh is also written in the twentieth century by U.A Fanthorpe and is set in Romney in Kent. The third poem, in Romney Marsh was written pre-twentieth century by John Davidson and is also set in Kent. Balance Sheet by John Davidson has a greater focus on historical time, as his poem argues about the development of a new road and about new technology in general. In his poem he says "a local can manage an average of 40 rather than 50 miles ph". ...read more.


Balance Sheet by John Montague is set out as balance sheet that an accountant would use- a column for loss and a column for gain. In this way Montague has recorded items of loss and items of gain. What the poet is saying is that the balance sheet is not balanced because there is more loss than gain from the new road being built. The poet creates a sense of time by using this structure, as it is a part of modern commerce so he is saying that everything is becoming modernised which he doesn't like. Some of the language that he uses also helps to create a sense of time. In the Gain column it says "the prefabricated suburbs of bypassed villages" The poet makes it sound as if the houses are all the same- all ready made in factories with no character. The "bypassed villages" give the impression of small villages that have been forgotten, as people no longer need to drive through them as they are bypassed by larger roads. ...read more.


The poet does not really convey the sense of historical time. All he says is that he opposes the new telegraph wire, we know this as he says, "shrill the wire". Each of the poets is opposed to an advance in new technology of some sort. Though their thoughts are different their ideas are very similar and they all see the change as a threat. Also each of the poets tries to convince the reader that they are right by using language to influence our thoughts and feelings. My favourite poem is In Romney Marsh by John Davidson. I prefer this poem to the others as it has both rhyme and rhythm and the poet describes in such vivid detail the things that he can see that I can picture it perfectly in my mind. He uses lots of poetic devices such as similes, metaphors and personification to describe in great detail Romney Marsh and everything he sees around him. ...read more.

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