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Comparison and Contrast of Language Used in Agony Aunts by Age and Gender

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Sasha Campbell Comparison and Contrast of Language Used in Agony Aunts by Age and Gender Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? And if so, does it mean they speak two completely different languages? Prior to embarking on a formal study of language I had assumed that we all spoke the 'same language' regardless of age and gender. However, my study has revealed a number of interesting points of contrast. In my study I took agony aunt columns from the internet written from teenage boys and girls and adult men and women. I found that not only is age an important factor in determining how we 'speak' but gender also plays a major role in influencing the way that people speak and write. Males tend to use shorter sentences than women do, for example, one letter opened with 'I am a chronic snorer.' This conveys the point briskly without further information. ...read more.


I really really like this boy but he doesnt know I exist,he I always with this big bunch of ppl who im not friends with but sometimes I think I see him looking at me,i wish he was but I sooo doubt it, I really dont no what to do!!!', in this sentence she overuses 'but' instead of diving the one compound sentence into smaller compact ones. This could be prompted by the preconception that females are much more emotional and open than males. Therefore they tend to say everything they are thinking, an extract from a letter written by a female reads 'okay, well basically my parents could be splitting up, and I cant concentrate, I have one sis, 8, and I really want them 2 get divorced because they just keep goin on ate eachother, sometimes its more like threatening, wat do I do?' Furthermore, females, in my studys, used intensifiers to stress the importance of their statements 'I really really like this boy' in this ...read more.


as they are more used to using this type of language with their friends on MSN and text messaging, they are not expected to be formal in most situations in life and therefore have a tendency to use colloquial language. Older generations have not grown up with mobile and MSN, are more educated and most probably are in situation where formality is necessary, consequently their letters use a higher register and technical language 'do they eliminate the fat accumulated on local spots, or do they merely "redistribute" it?' In conclusion, genderlect does exist, lurking in the minds of every female and male are the unwritten codes that we abide by every time we put pen to paper, or in this case, finger to keyboard. One disadvantage of assessing letters from internet sites is that they are not completely reliable as they could be fake names and identities, however looking at the style of the letters suggest that although they may have faked a name, they can't fake genderlect. ...read more.

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