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Comparison of extracts from I love to hear the crows go by by John Clare and Sons and lovers by D. H. Lawrence.

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Assignment 3 In this essay, I will be comparing two extracts ('Sons and lovers' and 'I love to hear the crows go by') by acknowledging language, structure and form. I will also consider how the two writers have used these devices to present the love of aspects of the world of nature. It is clear that both of the extracts focus on aspects of nature to present two different themes and ideas, but the two extracts are also very different in their form and structure. Clare's first person sonnet and his use of imagery are appropriate in evoking love for nature and his use of rhyming couplets and the poems simplicity seem almost song like. ...read more.


throughout the poem, to 'hear', 'see' and by 'watching' them convey his love of nature -. We can also see images of behaviour, (the robin 'sings, 'pecks' and watches) which are effective in describing the wildlife around him as he watches it happen. Words such as 'joy', 'pleasant' and 'merry' also evoke an idyllic image of nature and the use of words 'plops' and 'bouncing' are used metaphorically to describe the birds' movements which also highlight Clare's own individualistic image of them. Similarly imagery evoked by human senses in can be seen throughout Lawrence's extract. The 'scent of leaves, honeysuckle, and a twilight' and 'ivory roses' depict a sensuous tone to his writing, which also helps suggest a more sexual context. ...read more.


In contrast, Lawrence use of nature evokes an sense of reluctance in Paul's character and words such as 'imprisoned', 'anxious' emphasise this. Although we notice a themes of sexuality and sexual tension, the repetition of 'white' and 'holy 'and words such as 'virgin', 'worship' and 'soul' add a strong religious element to this theme. The cleverly used word 'communion' can also be links to a religious gathering. The focus of nature in both extracts helps the writers create their own themes and ideas. Although the extracts are very different in form and structure, (Clare's use of sonnet to convey love and Lawrence's descriptive novel extract to discover two characters) we can see how the love of nature has been integrated into their themes. We can also find similarities in both of the extracts, which include descriptive dialect and imagery (the use of senses). ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Murphy SS122962 ...read more.

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