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comparison of love and hate in romeo and juliet

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"Here's much to do with hate, but more with love." Compare the presentation of love and hate in Romeo and Juliet with specific reference to act one scene one and act two scene two. Is the play more about love or hate? William Shakespeare was an actor/poet/playwright. A few years after being recognised as this he joined up with one of the most successful acting troupes in London. In 1599 they lost the theatre where they worked but were now wealthy enough to build their own theatre that they named 'The Globe'. It was however in 1595/96 that Romeo and Juliet was believed to have been written. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Set in Verona, it is about two feuding families, to which no amount of fighting or talking ever helps stop the feud. However two teenagers from opposite families fall in love. In Romeo and Juliet we are introduced to that love and guided through it. Then we see it end in violence because they couldn't be together and finally we see that their death was the only thing that could ever stop the on going hatred, these are the two main themes. ...read more.


This is shown even more by Romeo's soliloquies throughout this scene talking about how much in love he is. Now I will look at the sound and language and how these reflect on the love and hate themes. In act one scene one the language is generally poetic towards the end when Benvolio and Romeo talk of love. However Sampson and Gregory talk bawdier, in pro's not poetic, as they are talking about sex and fighting. The play starts talking about love but in a sexual way in act one. Then in act two the love they discuss has progressed into a deeper and more meaningful emotional, passionate love. In act one scene one love and hate are linked through a double entendre, when Sampson refers to his 'naked weapon'. This links love and hate through sex and violence, it's a more toned down version of it in act one as both the love and the hate get a lot stronger and more powerful throughout the play. Love and hate are both strongly connected throughout the play so at this point I would say that the play is about both theme's equally. ...read more.


Themes that reflect love are themes like loyalty and family. Although these also spiral into hatred. The love for the characters families fuel hatred as I said before and the loyalty for the families fuel hatred. But it also works the other way round, all of the themes that eventually fuel hatred are based on love for families, and friends. There are different types of love and hate used in Romeo and Juliet. These change throughout the progression of the play. At first there is the approach to love that is purely sexual and there is the approach to hate that is purely violent. Then it progresses into an infatuation type of love and hatred with more of a reason (pride, honour, revenge). Then at the end the characters have matured a lot more emotionally and the love has turned into true obsessive passionate love and the hatred is pure deep-set loathing. I have throughout this essay shown how love and hate have been presented throughout the play and compared them. I think that love and hate are equal themes in the play as love fuels hate and hate fuelled love. Love and hate are completely cyclical but are broken by love at the end. ...read more.

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