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Comparison - Rendezvous and American Psycho

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comparison Rendezvous and American Psycho both have an antihero - a narcissistic psychopath, but do they at all have more in common? And are the two antiheroes comparable? American Psycho is a psychological thriller with satire, black comedy and horror. Rendezvous is a psychological short story. The American Psycho takes place in New York in the mid-eighties. Patrick Bateman is the main character, a young, good looking man who works at an investment firm called Pierce and Pierce. He spends his leisure time among his extremely wealthy friends and colleagues from the yuppie class. In the yuppie culture, which started under the boom in the eighties, the stereotype is a greedy antithetical well-paid man in the financial sector with a conspicuous personal consumption. A stereotype which could as well be a description of Patrick Bateman. He is successful, rich and engaged, seemingly a good life. He eats at the right places, wears the right designer clothes, drinks the right drinks and listens to the right pop music on the right stereo. But Payton is simply empty, he does not have a self. In his search for identity and need for social integration in the yuppie class he get obsessed with the images narrated incessantly by pop music, advertising, movies and the television. ...read more.


Bateman is such a dork. Such a boring, spineless lightweight. Now, if you'd said Bryce…” and when Bateman tries to convince him he says that it cannot be true "because I had dinner with Paul Allen twice in London just ten days ago." It is a funny, equivocal statement. Everyone in his social circle looks like him. No one listens to him, since everyone around him are just as empty and self-absorbed as him. Through the movie he becomes more insane and kills more and more people. At the end-monologue he confesses that “there are no more barriers to cross” He wants his pain to be inflicted on others, and even after admitting this he feels no catharsis. His confession has meant nothing. Bateman is not just a psycho – he is an American psycho. He is a consumer which does not feel satisfied by consuming and he builds his identity on impossible narratives by mass media and in his hunting for satisfaction and identity kills. Bateman is actually a victim of narratives, he is in a state of chaos because “inside doesn´t matter”, the perception by others define ones identity and not the actual actions and thoughts. ...read more.


He has a cobra tattoo which tells us something about his personality, a cobra symbolizes something bad, sneaky and dangerous. Maybe it could also symbolize temptation referring to Adam and Eve, where the snake coaxed Eve into sinning, which explains why he have killed several people. He is fixed at the outer assets, he have the two ultimate male status symbols, a Firebird and a Budweiser. The firebird is an expensive car with high status and self-promotion build in. His mood changes after the music, indicating that he is spontaneous and impulsive. Rendezvous and American Psycho have not much in common, except for the two narcissistic psychopathic antiheroes, Payton and Bateman. Their murders have no rational reason and they both attach importance to the outer assets. Apart from that they do not have much in common. Payton is cynic, but Bateman even more and also clarified. I do not think Payton´s murders are a fight for identity. American Psycho handles some completely other subjects than Rendezvous. As I see it, the American Psycho questions the consumer mindset and the narratives in the mass media. I see no obvious subject in Rendezvous. It could be a search for excitement and new adventures, which both Payton and Kim does. ...read more.

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