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Comparitive Literature 1984 and Brave new world

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The main plot twist of both Brave New World and 1984 is the ultimate reeducation of the main characters that challenge society's norms. What essential features do dystopic teacher figures possess that facilitate reeducation? In both 1984 and Brave New World, there are various similarities in both the teacher figure's characteristics and the general plot of the reeducation taking place. O'Brien is a member of the Inner Party in 1984; Winston Smith strongly believed that O'Brien was a member of the resistance and O'Brien used this to his benefit, double crossing Winston to reeducate him. "Winston had never been able to feel sure -even after this mornings flash of the eyes it was still impossible to be sure -whether O'Brien was a friend or enemy" (Orwell 25) The lesser characters of Brave New World, Bernard, John the Savage, and Helmholtz, were educated by Mustapha Mond later on in the book after the happening John the Savage incurred regarding soma ration. "Seven and a half hours of mild, unexhausting labour, and then the soma ration and games and runrestricted copulation and the feelies. ...read more.


"I will lend you a copy of Goldstein's book...from which you will learn the true strategy by which we shall destroy the society we live in. Full members of the Brotherhood have read the book. There are not many in existence, as you can imagine. The book is indestructible. If the last copy were gone, we could reproduce it almost word for word. You will return it in fourteen days." (Orwell Chapter 9 -10) This is very similar to Mustapha Mond telling Bernard to bring back John the Savage from the reservation, as Bernard was always a misfit in the World State society, and John the Savage was a perfect example of what the World State society seeks to abolish. After the characters the teacher figure seeks to educate are given the opportunity to explore an ideological rebellion within their society, they are soon reeled in from their newfound freedom. In 1984, Winston and Julia's freedom was taken away when they realized there was in fact a telescreen in their supposedly safe room. ...read more.


Bernard and Helmholtz are not so lucky in their reeducation as they chose to be exiled instead of returning to society. John the Savage managed to integrate for a brief time when he participated in the orgy, but soon after realized what he had done and because of his retained humanity, committed suicide in penance. The defining characteristics of teacher figures include their status, their mentalities toward their dystopic societies, as well as their methods in rehabilitating others into society. The similarities in 1984 and Brave New World are unmistakable and easy to draw connections from. O'Brien and Mustapha are both teacher figures, but they also have differences in their role in context. O'Brien actively went ahead to reeducate Winston and Julia, while Mustapha ended up with the teacher figures role of reeducating others in the way of the World State society. Despite this, it is clear to see the defining characteristics of the teacher figures in a dystopic society. They are vital characters pertaining to the plot of the story and an irreplaceable source of understanding to the nature of the dystopias they serve. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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