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Conditions During The Battle Of Balaclava

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Conditions During The Battle Of Balaclava The Crimean War was fought between the British, the French, and the Turks against Russia between 1854-56. One of the main issues and concerns revolving around the war for the British public was health and safety. This was mainly due to the newly invented telegraph, (the Times War Correspondent) which was able to provide vivid, up-to-date reports about the appalling treatment facilities and methods for wounded soldiers in the Barrack Hospitals. "At the hospital soldiers were left lying on bare floors; there were no supplies of any kind and they had no more than one meal a day, if that. ...read more.


Below are the initial observations made by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean war. * "The men can lie in filth for 2 weeks before being seen by a doctor." * "The men are lying on unwashed floors." * "The floors are covered in vermin and lice. " * "Few men have blankets or pillows." * "They rest their heads on boots and use overcoats for blankets." * "Operations are carried out in full view of everyone." * "The screams of people having limbs cut off are terrible." * "There are 1000 men in the hospital, many with diarrhoea, a serious problem when there are only 20 chamber pots!" ...read more.


Two years after her arrival, the death rate at the hospital was two per cent. It had been 40 per cent when she arrived. Many people believe that if it wasn't for the help of Florence Nightingale then starvation and disease would have continued through out the war while supply lines and mediacal care would have been virtually nonexistent. Furthermore, not only did she same many lives but she also prevented the spread of diseases such as cholera and dysentery. She, with her team of nurses were probably the only good thing to come out of the Crimean War, that had been characterised by a series of tactical howlers and breakdowns in communication by the veteran British and French commanders. ...read more.

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