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Contrast the occasion Romeo and Juliet are together at the ball with the last when Romeo breaks into the Capulet tomb.

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Contrast the occasion Romeo and Juliet are together at the ball with the last when Romeo breaks into the Capulet tomb. Show how, in each case, the setting, atmosphere and language contribute to the power of the episode and express the intensity of their love for each other. Romeo, a Montague and Juliet, a Capulet are from two different households that are sworn enemies. They often have petty feuds so there is a law that prevents them from fighting. However this law is broken and leads to a lot of deaths. This shows the fragile society in which the two lovers meet. Romeo, who is madly in love with Roselyn a Capulet, has gate crashed a ball at the Capulet's house hoping to see her. Roselyn however is not interested. Then Romeo sees Juliet and instantly falls in love with her not knowing she is a Capulet. They meet, talk and kiss. Them Juliet is rushed away by her maid who tells her that Romeo is a Montague and the only son of her enemy. At this point Romeo also finds out that Juliet is a Capulet but neither of them are deterred by this and Romeo returns to Juliet after the party to make vows of their love. The first meeting is a happy and passionate occasion. ...read more.


She is described as a dove because she is white and pure. Romeo regards her in a high status like you would regard a saint by saying 'And touch her, make blessed my rude hand'. When the dancing is over Juliet moves back into the crowd and everyone gathers round a man who is telling a story. Romeo and Juliet finally meet when they both look for each other amongst the crowds, and Romeo holds her hand. They then share a sonnet, which in the 1590's was the most important form of love poetry. Romeo starts by saying 'If I profane with my unworthy hand', if I have insulted you with my unworthy hand, 'This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this' this is presumably when he has taken her hand in his and is referring to her hand as a holy shrine and confesses the 'gentle', forgivable, sin he will commit. Romeo then describes his lips as '...pilgrims'. He is making an excuse for his actions by portraying that like a pilgrim goes to shrine is hoe he has come to Juliet. Then he says 'to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.' He means to say if he has offended her he will make it better with a kiss. Juliet plays along with him and reassures him by saying 'Good pilgrim you do wrong your hand too much', meaning it doesn't matter, 'for saints have hands that pilgrims hand do touch', saints and pilgrims do meet. ...read more.


He threatens Paris by saying don't make me hurt you 'For I have come hither armed against myself'; he is referring to the poison he has brought with him. This show how desperate a man he is and how madly he is in love with Juliet. He calls himself a 'mad man' and tells Paris to leave but he does not and is killed by Romeo. The atmosphere language in this meeting is harsh in comparison to first meeting. When Romeo sees Juliet he is overwhelmed that she looks so beautiful even though she is dead. 'Is crimson in thy lip and in thy cheeks, And deaths pale flag is not advanced there.' This creates irony because the audience knows she is not really dead. Their love affaire was started with a kiss and now it will finish with a kiss 'Thus with a kiss I die'. In each of the meeting the atmosphere and setting are completely the opposite. I think this links with the extremes of the story in which there is love on one hand and hate and death on the other and the gap between them is very close. In such a short space of time Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love, been separated and them have taken their own lives. This effect of love and death captures the audience and makes this play more exciting and appealing. It also brings the Montague's and Capulet's together by showing them the tragic results of their ignorance. ...read more.

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