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Courtesy and respect essay.

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Courtesy and respect essay I define respect as showing care and politeness to everyone and everything, including living and non-living things. Your elders are the people that deserve your respect the most out of everyone and everything. It is very rude to disrespect someone, especially a teacher. When a teacher is in front of the class you should have your mouth closed and your eyes on her, giving her your full attention. It is very rude to run your mouth or do something disrespectful while she is trying to teach or explain To have courtesy and to show respect is to be polite with good manners, considerate of others and to have good opinions of others. When you ask others to or for things you need to include the words 'may I', 'please' and 'thank you.' ...read more.


Entering and leaving the formal functions at various times can be very rude and annoying there fore you should be seated at all times during the functions unless your required to perform and should leave your seat quietly with minimal fuss and noise. You should not be leaving early and should be waited to be asked to leave therefore showing some respect Courtesy and respect can be shown during church services where you have to be quiet to respect the Lord, at a funeral where u cannot say jokes or anything to respect the dead, cinemas where others need the quiet to watch the movie, the library where concentration is needed for others and other places. So the voice level at all these places needs to be kept to an appropriate level. ...read more.


Some people may be different to you but you show them the same respect you do to every other person. You should not ignore others either. In a polite way you may tell them that you are busy but not just ignoring them. Using offensive language is extremely rude. Even if you say it to yourself and others may be around you, which means you show disrespecting yourself and others that are around you. If you are sitting round on the couch at home and a visitor comes in, you show manners and politeness by welcoming them there and stand up to greet them not continuously sit down and keep watching TV. When someone is talking to you, you look directly at them not looking up; down or away otherwise it is having disrespectful manners. Keeping eye contact and responding attentively is a good way to show respect and courtesy to which you are talking to. ...read more.

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