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Creative Piece. Phoebe Cauldfield's Diary Entires

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´╗┐As Literature and Language Jenny Colebourn Phoebe?s Diary ? Aged 7, 12, 16 and 21 * Dear Diary, Saturday september 20th 1947 * * I have been at school for 2 weeks and I sit next to a girl named alice in spelling class she is really nice and we are becoming friends!!! * I hate D.B!!! he is so mean because today I went in to his room while he writed was writing a story and he shouted at me to get out. I hate hate hate him!! * * Phoebe Linda Caulfield * * p.s. I went to the zoo today with Holden and mom and we saw the elefants and the sea lions but we had to go home because mom had a headache. ...read more.


* * At least I have my Little Shirley Beans record. * * Phoebe H. Caulfield Esq. ~ * * * Dear Diary, Thursday, February the 14th, 1957 * * Last week I was reading through my diary entries from the time of Allie?s death. The feelings of desperation, guilt, aggression and fear came back to me in a heartbeat. I decided not to dwell because like Holden taught me, it?s best to acknowledge it and release it, using creativity as a guide. I decided to write another story with Allie as the focus and ended up submitting it to the New York Times for some writing competition. Earlier this week I found out I won and the story was put in the paper or something. ...read more.


He read a poem to me and proposed to me- but I said no. I told him ?I?m just not ready right yet, but that doesn?t mean I don?t love you?. He understood but I could tell he was hurt, as much as he tried to hide it, but for Christ?s sake, I?m only 21! I can?t be expected to get married at 21! * * He offered to walk me back to my apartment but I declined and continued down Lexington alone. I?ve been so preoccupied with writing recently that I?ve forgotten how ravishing the streets of New York are. I should start going out more. * * I decided on my walk back this evening that I should leave some space between Stephen and myself. He means a great deal but I keep finding myself on a never-ending emotional merry-go-round with uncertainty and confusion as to our relationship. * Phoebe ...read more.

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