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Creative writing about George and Lennie.

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Stumbling through the wet grass the two came frantically running, looking behind them at every few strides, breathing hard, disturbing the green grass and disrupting the harmony of the birds sitting in trees chirping and whistling the final songs of the day, while dogs barked and people shouted far behind them. A voice could be heard shouting above the crowd "They're headed for the fields, com'on!" George grumbled, breathing frantically "Damnit!... com'on you crazy bastard, they near got us!" "I'm trying George, I swear but I's tired" Lennie wheezed The two were passing fields, when they came to an irrigation ditch, George thought about it and he pulled lennie into the ditch with him. ...read more.


light and man slowly disappear toward weed under the setting sun, he turned back to lennie, "Now why the hell did you touch that gals dress? Com'on you better have a good excuse or I'll clobber ya!" Lennie was whimpering like a fearful puppy "Honest George I dint mean no wrong, I jus wanted to feel her dress" George yelled "why? Lennie? Hmm? What so good about that dress?" lennie cowered in his jacket his shoulders covering his cheeks "It was so purty George, it was red colored and soft as a rabbit, you know how I likes rabbits George" Seeing the glow in his face when he said it made George calm down, he remember who lennie was, he settled down do a smile "Ya big lummox, one day your ...read more.


winds outside made the barn creak eerily and lennie was having trouble sleeping, the ground was scattered with straw and the only thing in the barn was some sacks, tools and a work bench, it was less a barn than a shed. "George? George you asleep??" "What?" "George cant you do somethin' about the wind?" "No, now go to sleep, have to wake up early tomorra'" George said still half asleep "Sorry George" lennie said, eventually the morning came. "lennie! Lennie! Wake up! Com'on we gonna miss the damn bus!" "ok George, ok" lennie said as he packed his bindle and sorted himself, and hurried off with George They had gotten to the stop just in time, they paid their fare, and were on their way to get some work at ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level John Steinbeck section.

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