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Creative Writing : Away

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Away. We don't continue on as we are. We change and are forever changing "if we don't change we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living" Gail Sheehy, suggests that for change to work efficiently we must learn from what has happened in the past. Change can be a positive force, we have the power to change to create world peace, and on the other hand change can be negative. Having to change your lifestyle after being paralysed in a car accident. "I'm grown peaceful as old age tonight, I regret little, I would change still less" this quote by Robert Browning, emphasises the emotional circumstances of change through age. One who is happy with their lives and has accepted what they have done through their lives can persist to live with satisfaction and pride. It is important to recognize and acknowledge that whenever change occurs, whether it is good or bad, it is very important to earn how to deal with it. Similar to suffering, change is inevitable. If in suffering it must not be avoided it should be approached in a positive way and consequently may yield rewards. One technique Gow uses to show that the characters in Away do change is the use of symbols. A character that experiences the most profound change is Gwen. Gwen is a character who is extremely materialistic, self-obsessed and narrow-minded. ...read more.


Coral, as the mermaid says "I cannot walk, I am afraid" it is analogous to what she has been saying through her behaviour, that is, I am afraid of change in my life while my son is not with me. When tom as the sailor says" I will show you how" demonstrating that is possible to change. Coral has seemed somewhat passive but the intensity of the conflict she feels with Roy forces her to act and make a radical change in her life. Just as Gwen acted to determine her life for herself when she left her family. Coral takes action to free her from Roy's expectations and threats. She is able to express publicly what she could only hide in the dark before. "What's the word they say in those plays? Alas" "The Conciliation" by Benjamin Duterreau, 1840. Where Changes are taken place through history by George Robinson. Robinson's aim was to take remaining aborigines from Tasmania and move them to a remote protected place; never making an allowance for the dramatic amount of change it would create to these peoples lives. They were not allowed to continue on as they were; the dramatic changes were forced upon them. The Lieutenant Governor and Robinson believed they were protecting the aborigines from slaughter. Robinson was preparing them for civilization and to arrange them to live in a white society. ...read more.


Sexy, yet still so intelligent looking enough to get ratings through the roof. Now compare this to your average pot roast cooking housewife dramas. Not only has the freedom for women changed but change is evident the forms of technology used in the series of star trek another brave figure which represents the changing nature of women in TV drama. From La Femme Lakida Played by Peta Wilson, the sexy, pouty, gorgeous blonde heroin hitting the screens, making bit hits on small cable. Lekeda is a reluctant assassin, whom only kills in self-defense. To character like Xena the warrior Princess played by Lucy Lawless. The all woman, tough, brave figure willing to take on the bad guy is a feminist icon to all lesbian women. Proving the change in acceptance to sexuality allowing Xena to be viewed as a lesbian pin up girl. As you can see Lakida and Xena differ from the usual form of a woman, they are strong, invincible and willing to kick butt. This significant change could not have been possible without the time and efforts and Mary Richards. Mary has spawned the mass of women on TV, many of which have their own shows today all to her thanks. Mary Richards was a hard workingwomen who threw her hat up in the air, through sheer joy after the evolution of these characters. Women are portrayed differently; they have changed dramatically, particularly in the TV industry. Women were once accessories, but that has changed as they are now respected and successful The times, as they say, a changing ...read more.

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