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Creative Writing Coursework 'Rebirth'.

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Creative Writing Coursework 'Rebirth' Where to begin, it all happened so quickly all I know is that I was happily watching the TV when I felt a sharp pain in my chest as if being stabbed, little did I know that I was having a heart attacked! I awoke just a week ago but am still piecing together exactly what went on. Only a few months before the incident I enrolled myself into a company, which claimed that they could successfully cryogenically freeze people and would revive them if and when the technology arose. I signed various documents stating that I would allow my body to undertake the procedures and revoked the responsibilities after death from next of kin. It was rather expensive as I remember over twenty thousand pounds. I truly did not believe that the experiment would flourish but contemplated, 'what if' in my fight for eternal youth. The Doctor explained that I was saved by my late wife who immediately called the special emergency number on my card. The 'Cryonics Europe' team responded quickly. ...read more.


It astounds me that I even considered the 'Rebirth' program, I suppose I must have merely wanted to know how technologically crazed the world would become. Never would I have imagined such intricacy. I was discharged from 'the clinic' given an identity card that had all my details on and also acted as a credit card, fortunately my money was still there and had substantially increased due to interest, the only problem was I really had know idea of what to do. It was obvious that none of my relatives would be living and therefore I was alone. I walked out into the outside world and was stunned to see what seemed like a scene out of Star Trek the movie, there were futuristic cars hovering over each other like space ships, this I was not ready for. I stood in incredulity for some minutes admiring what had become an obscure planet. I whistled for a taxi at least that still worked. ...read more.


I must say that I had begun to be frantically curious about how England had changed. Just half an hour through the voyage reassured in the knowledge that there must be some hours to go I decided to relax and tried to operate the TV, to my astonishment we had arrived America to London in no more than half an hour almost unbelievable. I was asked for two thousand five hundred and sixty pounds by the friendly robot, which seemed slightly costly but of course I had no idea of what to compare it to so I just handed over my card. I thanked the robot and bid him farewell. I trod onto British land, I felt slightly more at home apart from the flying cars, the strange looking people and the rather disturbing surroundings, but other than that home sweet home. I stood glaring at what had once been a block of luxury apartments and now resembled more of a minimalist's home for the elderly. Here I am thinking to myself times change this is not my era, I don't belong here! ...read more.

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