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Creative Writing - Life in Africa as the White Man Arrives.

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´╗┐Nicholas Westfall 22OCT2012 ANT-216-V8 The Dobe Paper Hello my name is !Nick, I reside in the Dobe area, and I struggle daily to meet basic essential needs for survival. I?m 17 and I keep to myself if at all possible. Every day is labor intensive and tiring. Our tribe leader !Megan, a very strong but delicate woman, fights for land and makes group decisions. I do not know what our future will be. This life is a tradition which is all I know. We are steadily increasing in size and this is becoming a problem due to the fact we need more water, food, shelter. I don?t understand why we keep moving around like this. !Huma is a wonderful time of year. With these spring rains, brings a restored order to my wilderness. My environment has new growth and is flourishing. This brings me hope of another year without starvation and death, but only time will tell. Our rainfall is inconsistent and so far its turning out to be a great start compared to our last !Gaa. When it rains it allows our waterhole to refill, plants to grow, animals to reproduce, and most of all raise moral amongst our great tribe. More days have gone by and more resources have been gathered. This prosperous season is this blessing we have been praying for. All of our plants are sprouting. This is a great site to see. Soon there will be a surplus of non-meats. ...read more.


It is an odd fruit like food. It seems his intentions are good but I?m not letting my guard down. Then he began to speak. He has such a whiny voice I thought. !Keegan and I turned to each other and burst into laughter. !Keegan thought the same thing I did. Finally the White man began laughing to. He reached out and shook my hand violently. I assume this is how he introduces himself. So I stomped on his foot. He yelled at me and I didn?t understand. This is how I say hello. Why can?t he understand? These White men aren?t as smart as they look. I hope he brought something for me. Many days have past. The white man is very curious about our culture and habits. We are attempting to communicate and have learned about each other quickly. He distinguishes himself as John Tolbert. He also explains in drawings that he?s going to stay for a while. This is great news for our tribe and myself especially. John has shown us many things he calls ?pictures? and reveals beauty of foreign lands. In return, he wishes to learn as much as he can about our culture. We began to give him more permanent accommodations. After all, it isn?t easy foraging and hunting for 50 ,but now 51. It seems John doesn?t like our food, but he will just have to get use to it. +_Tobe is coming soon, so maybe John will enjoy the berries and nuts opposed to our meat. ...read more.


The anticipation for the new arrangement is growing daily and I hope the new season brings rain. More white men have visited and John is becoming distant. He has spent 4 seasons here living with us and we have both learned so much from each other. I don?t understand why he is avoiding me. I fear John will be leaving soon. He hasn?t said anything about it, but I have an idea. How will I turn all of this learning and hard work into a row of crop that will actually yield? He can?t leave now. A few days have passed and word has spread of John?s near future departure from our land. It breaks our heart and I don?t know why he is leaving now. We both have so much unfinished business, and its unfair of him to just leave me here without seeing the new projects through. I explained this to John and he expressed to me that he was sorry for leaving but he has to go. He says we can make it through this, just stick to the plan. We said our goodbyes and gave John a formal departure and ceremony. We John?s car drove away we all had a sense of fear come over us. Many questions were asked. Regret was setting in. We should have followed the food. We should not have settled down. These are things being said amongst the men and woman of our tribe. It makes me wonder if John had ruined us, if he had ruined our way of life. In the back of my mind, I know either way we will adapt and overcome all obstacles. ...read more.

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