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Crucible craetive ewrting and commentary. Through this dialogue I wanted to portray how powerful Abigail has become.

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Outside the courts, the sun is just about to set and the air is warm. There is nobody about apart from Abigail and Mary. A quite breeze swishes past them and blows Mary's hat off. Abigail: [looking down on Mary, she bitterly says] Goody Proctor how that woman makes me wretch. I'm going to prove to the courts she's a follower of the devil. Mary: [looks up very confused] I don't understand you Abigail. You can't want her to die that much. Abigail: [stands up and starts to walk up and down.] You see Mary, if she were not to be here anymore, I would win! [Her voice turns very high pitched with excitement] John Proctor would be mine, we could be happy and our love would follow us to our graves. [She turns cold.] But, how to get her out so I can have my happy future [Angrily] she must die! Mary: [Taking caution as to what she should say] Abigail, you know that this is taking things a little too far. I mean if you did love Proctor like you say, would you really kill the woman he loves? Abigail: [extremely angry] I am the woman he loves! His morals, his religious morals, just get in the way of our love. Mary: [staying calm she looks at Abigail with disappointment] I didn't think you were like this, what Proctor did was a mistake. ...read more.


In the dialogue Mary was hesitant to agree to Abigail's demands and even though Mary said she wouldn't agree to help she ultimately did. This shows that Abigail's power has dictated the actions of Mary. I also wanted demonstrate how easily Abigail can get what she wants as the people in Salem either don't want to die or have there name associated with witchcraft. I decided to set the conversation outside the courts even though this is an obvious place for it to be set I believe it has much significance as this will be the place where Procter and Goody Procter will be sentenced to death. I decided that the "sun is just about to set" as I believe that this shows that if Mary does not do as Abigail tells her then her life will be just about to end. However, it also shows that goody Procter's life is just about to end. I also mentioned a "breeze" and how the breeze "blows Mary's hat off" The breeze represents Abigail and her power to knock people down. However, others may perceive Abigail as feeble character as she is just an orphan "I have given you a home child" this quote said by Parris could be suggestive that without him she would be homeless and have no power or rights whatsoever. ...read more.


In addition she also said "God forgive me" this shows that she knows her actions are unforgivable so much that she turned to God's forgiveness. Religion was also very important when this play was set, it played a big part in peoples lives. Therefore, I think turning to God shows she has much guilt for what she is about to do. However, this could be viewed as disrespectful as Mary's forthcoming actions are about to end somebody's life. I believe that both Abigail and Mary could be seen as the villains in this play. It is obvious that Abigail is the main villain and is responsible for the deaths in Salem. However, Mary's character is more complex although she has little hubris she did have a conscience unlike Abigail and knew her unwilling actions were wrong. I believe that because she was unwilling and tried to defend herself it makes her seem less of a villain. However, she did watch innocent people die knowingly and did nothing about it. She also took part in a plan to get Goody Procter executed, both of these factors make Mary more of a villain than a victim. However, if it were not for the hysteria of the girls then Mary would have gone ahead and tried to save Proctor. The girls were very dramatic "Stop it!" making them very intimidating to Mary therefore, Mary's situation makes her less of a villain as most people would do as she did. Word Count 1253 ...read more.

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