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Cultural competence

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Cultural competence Cultural Competence refers to the ability to recognize cultural differences accurately and to leverage or transcend them in order to achieve desired performance results. It applies to various levels of culture including national/societal, ethnic, organizational, functional and interpersonal. This ability describes a specific mind- and skill-set that is increasingly required of successful employees, managers, leaders and organizations. Whether in face-to-face interactions, direct or indirect reporting relations, customer contact or geographically dispersed teams, cultural differences affect the way we manage, make decisions, solve problems, communicate and collaborate. I have been brought up in a way to respect everyone regarding their culture, race, sex, age, and gender. ...read more.


I feel that I am a very open minded person and also non-biased and when I become a social worker I feel that I will be able to accept my clients decisions as to a degree to which they choose to acculturate into the dominant culture. For my placement I know that I will be introduced to people from all different walks of life, I also know that I will be introduced to people who choose different lifestyles such as their sexuality. I have no problem at all accepting and providing services to clients who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or any other. ...read more.


I understand clearly that there are many barriers in communication within social work due to factors considering language and disabilities. I feel that the main barriers are people who have limited English skills or different accents but I believe that they have the same intellectual capacity as anyone else. They may be very capable of communicating clearly and effectively in their own language. Overall I consider thinking that cultural competence is something that is gained through a lot of skills and knowledge which comes after plenty of time and practice. I feel that I still have a lot to learn and that I will gain a lot of knowledge and key factors from my placement for my future practices in social work. (498) UB NUMBER: 04015359 ...read more.

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