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Dear Mother I am writing to you from the Camp of the York Hussars. How are you these months?

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Letter one Dear Mother I am writing to you from the Camp of the York Hussars. How are you these months? I think you are all right, but only very lonely at home, nobody to cheer to you. Sorry about that I left you for a long time and hope you aren't worried about me, and believe is going well here. Anyway let me to tell you about my life in England. This camp mainly of regiments of the King's German Legion who sleep round the tent - poles. Other regiments have come to encamp on the downs and pastures, because the King is at the neighbouring town. The spot is high and airy, and the view extensive even though the midden - heaps lie all around us. The British uniform is very brilliant, with its immense epaulets, queer cocked - hat, breeches, gaiters, ponderous cartridge - box and buckled shoes. So far from being as goy as its uniform the regiment is pervaded by a dreadful melancholy, a home - sickness which depresses many of us. We can't attend to our drill. Many of the younger soldiers haven't been over here long. ...read more.


I first met her in that place when I passed by there. The white muslin neckerchief which covered her shoulders and neck where left bare by her low gown, and her white raiment in general showed conspicuously in the bright sunlight of that summer day. On that occasion I hated there and blush, because I hadn't see her when I walked awkwardly By after that day, I came there again to re-peruse letters from you. This was my second meeting with her. She had dambered up the wall and sat on the top as usual. She felt so surprise and asked me what I was reading. I informed her that I was reading the old betters which you sent to me a great many times because I didn't get them often. After that we exchanged a few words. Though my English is not good, but I was quite intelligible to her when I had conversation with her. We met each other continually at dusk. Next time I waited for her to appear in her usual place at the usual hour. I was so disappointed, she didn't appear. My disappointment was unspeakably keen; I remained starting blankly at the spot until the trumpets and tattoo sounded to enter the camp in time. ...read more.


My death will regret by her. And much to my regret let Christoph die accompany me. Phyllis, my beloved, I despaired when you decided not to go with me and had changed your mind when I met you on the highway at that night. I'm not sure why my beloved so easily changed her mind. I think you have your reasons. Anyway, I think you must be anxious to know why we have been captured. We according to our plan and with two other comrades had sailed in safety across the channel. But mistaking our bearings we steered into Jersey, think that the island was the French coast. Unfortunately, we were perceived in that island, and they delivered up to the authorities. The death punishment is being reserved for Christoph and me; the sentence for two was accordingly commuted to flogging because we interceded for them when we were captured. I know I will be dead tomorrow, but I will remember you and love you forever. You are always my beloved, you all be always in my mind. At least I hope you wouldn't feel too broken - heart when I die. Don't blame yourself. Forget me, live happily and well in the future. Goodbye! My beloved. Love from Matthaus Tina ...read more.

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