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Define what the word home means to you

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Define What the Word Home Means To You Home - noun 1. The place where you live. 2. The place where you where born or feel you belong. I feel that the dictionary meaning of home is the same as my opinion of the word. Home for me is where I feel without care and is where I can live without fear. My home is in Bolden Colliery, South Shields in that unique northeastern town of Newcastle in England. For me it was very hard to establish where home was because my parents are of different nationalities. My mother is English and my father is Croatian. I chose England to be the place of my home. I chose this because I was born there and because I also have a house there. Most of my childhood memories are from my home in England too. I also think that because I move around the world a lot my house is also my country. When I am not home I don't feel heart ache or miss home. I think that this is because I have always been away from home, but I know that I will go back for a holiday or to live there some day. So why should I be sad? ...read more.


The second bathroom is found in the hall. Moving from the hall the next room is the kitchen. This room is very spacious, light and airy. There are light grey tiles on the floor and white tills running up the walls. The kitchen is equipped with the usual: fridge, cooker and washing machine. These are all silver to match the tiles. The last room is the sitting room, which can be seen through a big arch separating the kitchen and sitting room. This arch is also a marble topped workbench. The sitting room doubles as a dining room. On the floor there is two big red silk Belgium carpets, these cover the floors blank white tiles and give the floor a texture. Mounted on the white washed walls is the television and some oil paintings. This room is the biggest in volume because of the sloping roof, which at its highest point is five metres tall. My mother likes furniture to match so in our house nothing clashes. There is no vibrant oranges, pinks and greens to be found. The colour combination is dark red and gold. The carpet colour is the same nuance as the curtains, which in turn are the same fabric as the cushions and dining seat upholstery. ...read more.


I think that this helps the transition period by having constant items with you wherever you go. If I did not have a home I think I would lose my personality and my self-security. I would look at people and see how much they do not appreciate their homes. I would lose my self confidence and self-security because a home is not only the family hub but is also a place where one can roam around with out any secrets, whereas if I did not have a home I would be very lonely, shy and insecure. When I am away from home, I miss the routine that I go through everyday, I miss the invisible warmth that my family emits. I love coming back home and walking into that door to smell an aroma, which has never changed. This scent confirms that I am home. It is not an air freshener, but a mixture of smells that have gathered throught the course of the day. For example cooking, smoke, flowers, deodorants. Home for me is my life. If I did not have a home I would be lost. Not knowing where to go when in need of those reassuring words or who to fall back on when struggling in life. This proves to me how important my home is, even when I argue with the people I lie with and love. ?? ?? ?? ?? Oliver Miocic 10 NW ...read more.

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