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Describe and explain how the composition of conversational groups affects the spoken interactive style of men and women.

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Describe and explain how the composition of conversational groups affects the spoken interactive style of men and women. The composition of conversational groups affects the spoken interactive style of both male and female. Men and women each contain different techniques and methods when interacting with one another within groups. Each gender differ when speaking to the same sex and when speaking to the opposite sex, the certain studies on language and gender provide their own interpretation and evaluation on groups and genders. When males and females are groups with either the same sex or opposite sex they communicate differently, the use of turn taking hugely differs which is why the researchers Zimmerman and West looked at theses aspects. The two researches specifically looked at the speaker switches and turn taking in casual conversations by analysing thirty one conversations. The conversations took place in typical public places between males and males, females and females, and males and females. ...read more.


This unequal is reflected in the conversations which makes it hard to take aboard in the present day. However this typical status in gender still exists but not to the level in those times, women of today have far more confidence and authority. The overlaps and interruptions from men still exists in groups however they are also found women, women now like to achieve dominance over men and are not afraid to be rude and challenge other males. This links with the study by Victoria Defrancisco as she studied the conversations between married couples. She found that the men in the conversations break the typical turn taking rules to establish their dominance over the women. Furthermore the males also interrupt the other sex and may leave a conversation altogether. This neatly supports the work from Zimmerman and west as they both establish how dominance is used within men. However Defrancisco work was not done directly or discreetly, in a result the married couples knew they had make conversation and maybe complied with the typical gender rules in order to satisfy and help Defrancisco. ...read more.


In today's world women do perform face threatening acts and can interrupt and overlap in a rude manner just like men. In comparison men can also talk about sensitive also use minimal response to show support, Coates in addition does not provide no real evidence to support her claims. The study by Deborah Tannen 1991 and Goodwin 1980 both use boys and girls to carry out their investigation. Tannen asked best friend to discuss a serious topic which was recorded whereas Goodwin used children In streets of Philadelphia. Goodwin found that girls would use more mitigated directives in their democratic groups where boys would use more aggravated directives in their hierarchical groups. This shows male extreme focus on control and establishment on status, where women focus on equal grounds and settlement in the group. In comparison Tannen also shows girls provide a more mitigated style and minimise the difference between each other, and that boys use a more blunt style and do their own thing without concern of others. On the other hand both are hard to generalise and fairly dated. ...read more.

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