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Descriptive Essay - At the Beach

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Descriptive Essay - At the Beach Everyone has a place where they go to escape all the pressures and worries of life. There is always that one spot that can soothe all your problems and troubles in times of stress. For me, the beach is the ultimate cure to all of my problems. While I am there, all of my obligations are suddenly erased. As I stroll along I can feel the soft smooth sand beneath my feet. I am taken in by the soothing atmosphere that surrounds me. I let myself absorb the intense rays of the sun on a scorching summer day. ...read more.


I run as fast as my feet can carry me toward what my body sees as heaven, an endless pool of crystal blue water. I dive into the crashing waves head first. Floating peacefully among the waves, I am unaware of the approaching waves that are soon to break over me. A monstrous wave has just overtaken me; its force knocks me to the sandy bottom of the ocean. I am refreshed and awakened as I am carried back to shore. Exhausted, I return to my peaceful spot on the beach. I quickly find myself once again baking under the warmth of the summer sun. ...read more.


I find myself alone on the beach. The surf has ceased to crash on the shores, the calm waves gently roll onto the sand. The sky is transformed into a colourful horizon; filled with endless streams of purple and blue. On my walk back along the sand I am reminded of those obligations that have evaded me on my peaceful journey. Monday brings school and work; however, I am not the least upset. I do not see Monday as the start of a long week of tough work; I see it as a countdown. Six more days until I can once more drift off to the place where all the pressures and worries of life seem to just disappear. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gabriel Farrugia ...read more.

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