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Diary Entry: 10th May 2002- 2nd Expedition

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Diary Entry: 10th May 2002- 2nd Expedition At around 6:30 p.m. we all gathered around Harrow Bus Station, a location a bit too familiar for some of our group, with our huge backpacks waiting for the train that would take us to the well-known, extremely exciting place of Chesham. It was here that we were going to carry out our Bronze Assessment Expedition. However all of our group were already tired as we had just completed the practice expedition only a week ago and during that week we rushed around to get our equipment and do our route cards. So there we were in Harrow, carrying these huge rucksacks, getting weird looks from people passing by, and waiting patiently for the train to take us to our destination, which as usual was delayed. When it finally did come we did as the assessors instructed us and got on the train SAFELY. From there it only took half an hour to reach Chesham station and once there we were hurried onto a minibus, which took us all the way to Braidwood. This is where we were going to stay for the next two action-packed nights. As soon as we reached the campsites we decided to pitch our tents. ...read more.


Diary Entry: 11th May 2002- 2nd Expedition On the Saturday we woke at 5 o'clock after getting only a few hours sleep. Being the lively people that we are, we packed away our tents and prepared ourselves for our upcoming trek across fields littered with faeces and unknown roads and forests with hidden footpaths. As we were ready so early we changed the times on our route card and moved them all a half hour earlier but the vital mistake was that we forget to change it on the other route card which the assessors were following. This mistake almost cost us the chance of passing. So at 9:30 we left the campsite and began our long, eventful hike. The first part of the journey went excellently but then we came to the field that we knew oh so well with the very annoying horses. When we approached them I distinctly remember a weird stench coming from Bhavik and it reminded me of the infamous incident which happened the week before with the same horses. That is another story which you can read about in the earlier edition of the diary entry of the exciting Duke of Edinburgh files. However, being the brave, young gentlemen that we are we crossed over into the field (some were more reluctant than others...not mentioning any names but...erm...Bhavik). ...read more.


Even though this seems such an obvious mistake to make there was no way for us to actually realise we had done it until we ended up reaching a road that was a kilometre away from the place we needed to be. With all the confusion and the extra walking we reached the campsite 45 minutes late which isn't TOO bad. The rest of the evening went by pretty quickly with nothing interesting happening but in the evening we had a life-threatening incident with the trangia setting fire to the crate. This happened because someone accidentally knocked over the trangia and the methylated spirit fell onto the crate and caught fire. I would just like to take the opportunity to say that it was none of our group that did it as we were standing on the other side and had finished our cooking. Anyways as I was saying, there was huge panic, with girls and boys screaming, running for their lives but the awesomely heroic leaders managed to put the fire out. I would also like to say thank you to these people as they managed to save the life of us children, but more importantly the life of Braidwood. After the drama died down and our hearts stopped racing, we were sent to bed. The whole day's action caught up on us and we slept for a whole 4 hours before waking up at 6:00 the next morning. ...read more.

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