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Differences between Speech and Writing.

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Differences between Speech and Writing We can alter our speech according to audience, purpose and context as well as altering text for a certain audience. Neither speech nor writing is grater then the other as both can be of different qualities. Occasionally speech is more relaxed however can have more power than text. Text and speech can both be formal or informal. The general spontaneous conversation is an example of unplanned speech, a conversation between two friends. The conversation takes place face to face with no audience. The speech is transient, and utterances are part of the spoken words that connect other parts of the sentence. As the speech is quite relaxed with no pressure to talk the environment is comfortable, it is just a relaxed conversation between two friends on a Sunday morning. The conversation is informal, as it contains slang words such as 'dead', 'footie', also contains words that are not standard English, such as utterances; 'erm', 'ooh'. ...read more.


Unless the spoken text is planned written text contains better Standard English, and the flow of the words is smooth. Although planned speech can change from a script when converted to speech. Speech contains more slang and can be more abusive. When speaking you have less time to think about what you are going to say than when writing it down. You can normally gain control of a conversation and express yourself appropriately. The spoken text doesn't have one particular subject, and the field tends to vary, depending on the subject matter. It goes from talking about 'Motley', to 'The Vine' and then onto the football match. The subject is constantly changing. It stops the conversation becoming stale. The written text is focused on one specific area, the match report. It is quite confined in the content and subject it talks about, the subject is football, which does not change, yet it does add outside information about Dario keeping the same team as on the Tuesday night. ...read more.


Expressing ideas and opinions in writing is different to expressing them in speech. The sentences have an orderly flow, and links between the sentences are seen, for example written down 'Former Alex favourite Rob Hulse' sounds ok, however if you were to verbally say this in a chatty conversation then it would sound strange. The manner of the conversation can also give a clue as to what the relationship between the two people are. One person mentions two other friends 'Pete and Gary', the other person knows who them, so they are obviously friends, it is quite a personal conversation, as it involves personal friends and personal football jokes, e.g. 'stoke are ace' etc. The way in which they speak to each other is very chatty, and they both follow the direction in which the conversation is going in. The differences between writing and speech are obvious. On the other hand, written texts can imitate spoken words, and sound spontaneous when spoken, and a speech can be planned, and sound more formal than normal everyday conversation. Julian Jarvis 12CD English Language ...read more.

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