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Discuss and analyze the dramatic impact you feel the setting of the two selected plays has upon characters and audiences

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Discuss and analyze the dramatic impact you feel the setting of the two selected plays has upon characters and audiences. How far would you agree that ' The Accrington Pals' by Peter Whelan is far more believable portrayal of working class society of that time than the representation of the middle and upper class presented in the dugout in 'Journeys End' by R.C. Sheriff? Journeys End is a play in which is set in 1918 in a dugout in St Quentin when war was coming to an end. It was then performed in 1928 when people seemed to be ready for a change in society. The play was based on real experiences from R.C Sheriffs perspective, as he was an officer in World War One thus we can understand his portrayal of the horrors of war. While in Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan it focuses on the effects of the war that it has on women and the two different ideologies one being entrepreneurial and socialism. ...read more.


On the other hand Accrington Pals describes the great opportunities woman had when the men went off to the war unlike back in the Victorian Era women were not allowed to own a bank account, but in 1918 women gained the vote. The play has two different perspectives one being business, entrepreneur and the other being socialism. In the 1980s Margret Thatcher supported the Entrepreneur ideas how people should move on with their lives and try and achieve. The two main characters are May Hassle who believes she should work and aim high where as Tom Hassle believes that he should go to war. Journeys End has a static setting and is set over a period of 5 days. The reason for this is that the characters are waiting upon attack; therefore it becomes more stressful and tense as if it were to be set over a period of months the audience would loose interest and characters would be expected to die. ...read more.


The plays two main characters are Raleigh and Stanhope. These both have a past together; they both come from upper class backgrounds and have been provided with an education. Journeys end is set in a dugout. A dugout is a place where officers come off duty to sleep and eat. We can tell that the representation of the working class will not be portrayed due to the fact of its setting, but R.C Sherriff included two characters called Trotter and Mason who are both from working class backgrounds. Whereas in Accrington Pals explores the way working class woman coped during the war and how this gained them opportunities such as jobs and the right to vote. Accrington is a real place but the story is fiction therefore it's a far more believable portrayal of the working class society as women had to say goodbye to their loved ones who volunteered their services to their beloved country but their own experiences are contrasted with the women who are left behind who have been thrown into these rapid social changes. ...read more.

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