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Discuss Angela Carter’s Treatment of Innocence and Sexuality In ‘the Bloody Chamber and Other Stories’.

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THE BLOODY CHAMBER Discuss Angela Carter's treatment of innocence and sexuality in 'The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories'. Angela Carter's collection of short stories, The Bloody Chamber, is a modern, sensual and fantastic rewriting of familiar fairy tales and legends. Among the themes of 'feminism' and 'sexuality' the author introduces 'Magic Realism' as one of her main stylistic devices. Carter's tales are supposedly celebrations of erotic desire, but male sexuality has too long, too tenaciously been linked with power and possession, the capture, breaking and ownership of women. The explicitly erotic currents in her tales mirror these realities. All conform to recognisably male fantasies of domination, submission and possession. ...read more.


In them she redefines the idea of fairy tales as stories solely for children. In the Bloody Chamber she proves these fantasy stories can also be for adults. These short yet influential collection of her works, told in her own recognisable, sumptuous and often convoluted prose, have a rich and compelling force of writing which effectively suspends our disbelief of the subject matter. It could even be said that her short stories are, on the whole, traditional fairy tales retold from the perspective of female characters to emphasize macabre and violent aspects of passionate relationships. Her Little Red Riding Hood enjoys sleeping with the wolf; the mother of the bride shoots her new son-in-law, Bluebeard, between the eyes. ...read more.


She carefully builds elements of fantasy into realistic stories. By doing so, she creates a strange and mythic situation. The activities of her heroines are intensified by this touch of magic. Carter emphasises her messages and points out the emotions of her characters by using this fusion of the realistic and the fantastic. The sudden appearance of these fantastic and supernatural inserts also helps her to create amusing stories. traditional fairy tales retold from the perspective of female characters to emphasize macabre and violent aspects of passionate relationships stories have starting-points in a fairy tale or legend but from this point it expands into a new, more elaborate and fanciful sexual allegory. "Nothing," as Angela Carter is known to have remarked "exercises such power over the imagination as the nature of sexual relationships." ...read more.

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