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Discuss How War Is Portrayed.

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Discuss How War Is Portrayed War poetry exists so that the reality of war can't clearly is understood. There are 2 types, pro and anti. Some poets may combine both types they may support war but dislike the way the young men are treated at war. In Scots lifetime in particular patriotism was encouraged, in order to keep your country. Both pro and active sides used propaganda. War poetry exists to tell us what happened in war. The truth that we may know about. In John Scott's the drum he tell us about some of the horrible events that happened and why young men went out to war. John Scott was a poet from Scotland he was born in 1731 he wrote the poem the drum. He was against war and felt so strongly about it he wrote a poem. The purpose of the drum in his time was to show hatred for the army in trying to recruit people. The young men only joined because they felt they would become heroes, feel big and do it for their countries. The Drum and the charge of the light brigade are both on the subject of war. ...read more.


"To Thoughtless Youth It Pleasure Yields" "To Sell Their Liberties For Charms". This gives me an image of young men running out of their homes and following behind the army. The young men come from everywhere cities and d from fields. " And When Ambitions Voice Commands To March, and fight, and fall In Foreign lands". This is and image of the commander telling them to charge and fight the enemy and then be killed in a different country. In Stanza two lines 3and 4 Scott tell us of how it reminds him of ruined crops, burning towns and ruined young lives from them joining the army. In lines 5 and 6 he tells us of broken legs and dying groans of young men in pain. The wives tears, and their children's moans. In lines 7 and 8he tell us of the wives Misery and pain of the young. Scott creates a sad story line and makes us feel sorrow for the young men "To sell their liberty for charms" This means giving their life away to go to war for their country, you feel sorrow for them. ...read more.


What this really means is to honour the brave men who went into battle without a hope and died. John Scott divides the poem into sections, every other line there is a different rhyming word or different meaning. " I hate that drums discordant sound parading round, and round, and round ". Shows how he hates the army going around trying to recruit. Then the next to lines tell a different story " To thoughtless youth It pleasure yields and lures fro m cities and from fields" This tells us how the youth were attracted and were they came from. Tennyson has little rhyming words in his poem. There are some words on the end of lines that rhyme with other words, but not much. "Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, and cannon in front of them, volleyed an thundered stormed at with shot and shell". The first three lines rhyme but the last two don't. I Prefer The Charge Of The Light Brigade, it is more exciting and it makes you want to read on to find out what happens to the six hundred. It kind of makes you feel sorrow for the six hundred but as it was not in my time I don't feel that much sorrow. ...read more.

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