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Discuss some of the connections which you have been able to make between Engleby and Larkin

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Discuss some of the connections which you have been able to make between Engleby and Larkin. Both the character Engleby and the poet Phillip Larkin share many similarities in the way they think and the way they see the world around them, which in general is in a kind of cynical with a touch of a superiority complex. For example, in Toads Larkin writes ?Six days of thee week it soils, with its sickening poison ? just for paying a few bills! That?s out of proportion? which can be seen as Larkin?s distaste of a standard soul destroying 9 to 5 6 day a week job. ...read more.


make sure I never end up here, either.? This can be interpreted in two ways; one way is that he does not want to end up in a dead end job working to just make the ends meet until he dies, like his father before him, and another way that it can be seen is that he does not want to end up like his father, dying slowly and painfully. Both Larkin and Engleby show their dislike for a regular mind numbing job, and this is indicative of their characters, both are well educated men who would rather do something more stimulating than working in a factory or a cubicle. ...read more.


In the novel, Engleby mentions that when he was younger, he parents just gave him a key and told him to cook his own dinner. This could have been why Engleby is such a peculiar fellow, from the activities he describes in the book, it paints as sort of an introverted loner, and this could have been caused by the constant solitude he had when he was a child, linking back to the Larkin quote, on how the parents are responsible on the outcome on their children, Engleby is a product of the neglect he suffered as a child. ...read more.

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