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Discuss the significance of endings in The Great Gatsby The Kite Runner and Auden's poetry

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Write about the significance of the ways writers end their narratives in the work of the three writers you have studied. In ?The Great Gatsby? Fitzgerald creates a sense of finality in the last chapter through the repetition of the word ?last?, which suggests to the reader ?the party was over.? Also the repetition relates to the end of Nick?s experiences and relationship with Gatsby, creating a subdued tone in the ending of the narrative. Fitzgerald references the colour ?green? once more, which is symbolic of Gatsby?s dream, the use of it in this final chapter signifies the sombre end of the dream and pursuit of Daisy. Fitzgerald?s construction of a tone of finality within this final chapter in relation to Gatsby?s dream reflects the loss of hope, considering the dream has been a symbol for hope for the entirety of the novel. Fitzgerald?s further utilisation of colour similarly reflects the loss of hope. The ?motor-hearse? was described as ?horribly black? which heavily contrasts the vulgar displays of colour in Gatsby?s life ?pink rag of a suit?, this compounds the fact that Gatsby is indeed gone, thus ending the narrative in a pessimistic tone since neither Gatsby, nor his dream succeeded. ...read more.


Alternatively this concern over ?Hassan?s boy? could reflect Amir?s genuine care and love of his friend and half-brother Hassan, especially since ?blood? is mentioned which has been symbolic for the brotherhood between the two characters Amir and Hassan. Hosseini?s description of Amir?s deeply rooted guilt in this final chapter ends the narrative positively since the reader ultimately sympathises with Amir, as his heavy conscience reveals his benevolence towards Hassan and presents him once more as an appealing character. Hosseini also significantly parallels Amir and Hassan in the closing lines of the narrative to suggest that Amir did finally receive redemption for his betrayal of Hassan, this ends the narrative in a light hearted manner composing a positive ending. Hosseini says that Sohrab ?took hold of the string? of the kite which symbolises the bond now formed between Amir and Sohrab, since the kites always were an omnipresent symbol for friendship within the novel. Therefore Hosseini suggests that Amir and Hassan have reconciled through Amir?s bondage with Sohrab. The final line of the narrative ?I ran? shows how Amir running the kite for Sohrab, mirrors the actions of Hassan, suggesting Amir has at last been redeemed of his disloyalty, because he has changed. ...read more.


In the poem Auden describes ?scarlet soldiers? en route to the ?broken lock and splintered door? where the voice of the poem is residing. Auden uses the final stanza as a climactic moment in which to suggest the soldiers have reached their destination and are about to harm the voice in the poem. The final line the soldiers? ?eyes are burning? has ominous connotations and implies the impending doom of the voice. Similarly the propounding ?b? sounds in ?broken? and ?boots? symbolises the loud movements of the soldiers which reflects their close proximity and subsequently emphasises their threat, creating a tense exciting ending as the reader fears for the fate of the voice. However the ?b? sounds could also reflect the aggressiveness of the soldiers and equally show their threatening presence. Auden also rises the threat of the soldiers and tense tone of the poem at the end through the lack of questions presented in the final stanza. In the previous stanzas, two voices were present explicated through repetitive questions and answers, however in the final stanza there is only description of the soldiers ?turning, turning? which increases the pace of the poem and reflects the imminent danger since the voice is now all alone, which allows the reader to vicariously experience the situation of the voice in the poem, spawning an exciting ending. ...read more.

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