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Discuss the theme of love in Shakespeare‘s Romeo & Juliet.

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Discuss the theme of love in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Introduction: In the introduction of my essay I am to explain why Romeo and Juliet is seen as the most famous love story ever told, I shall include some of the adaptations that I know of. Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers, who were secretly married and tragically separated; and it involves a deadly potion whose effects when taken by a broken hearted Juliet simulate her death. It is the most famous love story ever told because, the power of this love story says something to each and every generation, a story that will never date or die a timeless piece. It's brilliantly theatrical and features some of the most beautiful poetry ever written. The story also contains many different themes, the bitter family rivalries which creates the theme of war, theirs unsympathetic elders who's authority and advice is neglected by the unfortunate lovers. Many of us can reflect some old enough to see the events in perspectives and some of us young enough to understand the conflict that can arise from others trying to live our lives. ...read more.


The Nurse is immersed in Juliet's affairs and strives to help with her plans, this is something that Juliet's mother (Lady Capulet) would never be able to do! Over all I would say that the Nurse has a better relationship with Juliet than her own mother. The nurse is also instrumental when it comes to Juliet's wedding to Romeo she acts as a messenger from Romeo, Juliet, and the friar. Despite the nurse's efforts the plans go array because of the arranged marriage between Juliet and Paris. At this time, the nurse shows her love for Juliet once again. She goes to Juliet's defence and stands up to Lord Capulet by saying: "God in heaven bless her! You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so."(Act III, Scene 5, Line169-170). One is easily able to see the motherly care the nurse shows for Juliet. Once the Nurse has heard of the arranged marriage to Paris she offers no comfort to Juliet, this is usually because she has always been there for Juliet. Because of the grief from the previous day the Nurse is only thinking of the most practical way of getting out of all the difficulties. ...read more.


Thirdly, I shall comment on the 'balcony' scene in Act 2 Sc 2 and their plans to marry. The balcony scene is the most valuable scene illustrating the language of love, Throughout the second scene of Act II, Romeo uses beautiful metaphors and similes to express his affection for Juliet: O, speak again bright angel, for thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head as is a winged messenger of heaven. (II. II, 28-30.) This passage is used to compare Juliet to an angel, something that is universally held as sacred and lovely. Elsewhere in the scene there are lines that describe their love for one another, and add to the romantic theme of the scene: And but thou love me, let them find me here. My life better ended by their hate the death prorogued, wanting of thy love (II. II, 76-78.) In the concluding part of the essay we are to discuss all the evidence of love within the play. Love obviously plays an important role throughout the play, one can analyse the different types of love that Shakespeare explores. The first mention of love in the play is contained within the first act between the first two characters that the audience is introduced to, Sampson and Gregory. ...read more.

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