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Discuss ways in which Dickinson explores the sense of the abstract in Going to Him! Happy letter!

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Discuss ways in which Dickinson explores the sense of the abstract in Going to Him! Happy letter! The sense of the abstract covers a wide varity of ideas such as imagery and language. In ?Going to Him! Happy letter? Emily Dickinson explores these ideas of the abstract theme through her use of language. The sense of the abstract is explored through Dickinson?s method of thinking (unlike many of the people in the 1800?s) she was ahead of her time, writing about modern ideas in the 1800?s. Her poems never have a straight forward meaning, this is the abstract, concealing the meaning in her poems and thinking outside of the box. The abstract object in the poem also known as ?494? is the letter, which is referred to throughout the poem. Stanza one opens with ?Going to Him! Happy letter!?, immediately we see privacy in Dickinson?s poem, by using ?Him? we are left in the dark since we do not know who ?Him? is. This indicates that the poem is about a mysterious figure that she may or may not have feeling for. ...read more.


Throughout the poem there is repetition of the word, ?Tell Him-?followed by a dash, this indicates that Dickinson is building up expectations as well as anticipation. The word ?Tell Him? is also instructing the letter, assuring her message is received and understood. This links to the main idea in the poem, of being your own critic. Dickinson is constantly judging her own work, assuring that it can be the best it can be, so that when the letter is received, the message is given in the correct context. The use of dashes during the poem is indicating that Dickinson?s though process was changing a great pace, when reading the poem it seems as if the main idea drifts, which is the same as thoughts drifting in and out of our minds as we think. By using dashes when reading the poem the imagery is brought to life, because, the poem moves fast by changing topic, an example of the changing topic is, ?But ? if he ask where you are hid?. This also masks Dickinson?s true feelings towards this mysterious man, since we can never get her precise emotions. ...read more.


Dickinson is asking whether her letter is good or not. The sense of the abstract is explored through what Emily Dickinson is trying to say. The letter is Dickinson?s feelings and thoughts. By writing a letter to a possible lover shows how difficult it can be to admit ones true mind-set and emotions. This is shows in stanza two when Dickinson explains that the letter was hard and different for her to write, ?it wasn?t a Practiced Writer?. Since she does not write her emotions on paper, she believes that when the man reads her letter, her emotions will not be acknowledged in the way that she desires. The abstract theme is explored around the idea of the letter. This is through Dickinson?s method of attempting to write it in the correct context assuring it is received in the exact way she means it to be sent. The poem has modern day issues faced within it, such as, when writing an e-mail we hit the same problems, for example how will the recipient interpret the message? And will the message be taken in the wrong way? This is what the poems underlying meaning is about, sending a message (in this case a letter), and when writing it, thinking about how the message is received. ...read more.

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