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Discussing Hamlet.

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A ghostly figure in the shape of the recently deceased king has appeared on the castle ramparts at night. It seems to want to speak. The guards and Hamlet's friend, Horatio, decide to tell young Prince Hamlet. The new king, Claudius, announces his marriage to his brother's wife, Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. Hamlet himself is deeply troubled by what he views as his mother's betrayal of his father and refuses to appear cheerful. He is very excited to be told of the ghost and plans to meet with it that night. Laertes bids farewell to his sister, Ophelia, and his father, Polonius, who is a royal counsellor. Both men warn Ophelia against the attentions of Prince Hamlet. Meanwhile, on the ramparts, the figure tells Hamlet that he is his father's ghost, that he was killed by Claudius and that he wants Hamlet to take revenge. ...read more.


Then Hamlet arranges for the players to present a play which depicts the events of his father's death in order to prick the King's conscience and so provide proof of his guilt. The plan works and Hamlet vows bloody murder. The play has reminded Claudius of the depth of his sinfulness and he attempts to pray for the strength to seek forgiveness. Hamlet enters but decides he can't kill the King while he is praying because that would save his soul. He goes to his mother instead and berates her infidelity to her late husband. Hearing a noise, Hamlet kills Polonius who was hiding behind a wall hanging. He continues with his criticism of his mother until he is interrupted by the apparition of his father who tells the Prince that he is wasting his anger on the wrong person. ...read more.


Laertes attempts to strangle Hamlet. Upon being told about the fencing match, Hamlet reveals a deep unease and premonition that he will die. Nonetheless, he is determined to go through with the match. Laertes has a poisoned sword and the King has prepared a poisoned cup of wine as a backup. Laertes stabs Hamlet. The swords get mixed up and Hamlet stabs Laertes. The Queen drinks from the poisoned cup. She dies quickly and Laertes, in his dying words, reveals that the King is the source of treachery. Hamlet stabs the King and makes him drink the last of the wine, finally fulfilling his mission of revenge. Hamlet stops Horatio from killing himself and obtains his promise to tell Hamlet's story. Hamlet dies. Prince Fortinbras enters with his army, quickly assesses the situation and decides to take over as King. As Hamlet's body is taken to a soldier's funeral, Horatio promises to tell the full story of what has happened. ...read more.

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