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Dispicable thats all you can decribe it. You look around and its like the population of man has been wiped out.

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Dispicable thats all you can decribe it. You look around and its like the population of man has been wiped out. News papers blowing in the wind glass bottles struned about, needles and everything you can thing of just left on the floor. Not a persons footstep can be hurd. Not a childs lafter. Slience thats all, complete silence, And the reason for the deadly silence is that its 6.30. No one dare go out or make a sound after this time. Six months ago the place would have been buzzin with life on a warm day like this but now that cannot be. To explain why we would have to go back about a year to 2020, when things were just starting to look bright. Carla applyed a last coat of mascara and looked in the mirro t check her jeans were fiting right, her top wasnt creased and that she was looking fine. It was a tippical friday night and she was goin out with her friends, the wind was blowing and it was drisseling out side but that didnt bother her. She shouted "goodbye" to her mum as she shut the door and headed down the road to the park were they all met. ...read more.


This kind of thing was happeneing to so many teens each week that the government was getin anchious and needed to do something about it. They decided that there would be no way to stop it and they actually go quite alot of tax off it. They decided to legalise underage drinking and certain drugs but they would make safe places for the teens to do it in. A few months later the first UADC (under age drinking club) was opened near to wear Carla lived. All the group that usually went on the park was now goin to go there with parental permission. Again Carla took one last look at herself in the mirror and shouted goodbye as she went throught the door. There group headed off up the road all buzzing with excitment at what it would be like. they got there and there was tv's, dvd's all sorts of things and most important a bar. They enjoyed it the first cuppleof times then th novelty started to wear off but they still contined to go, the only problem was that they were only allowed so much and on the streets they were alowed what they wanted. ...read more.


The governmet had to do somethign they closed down the UADC emmidiatly but didnt knwo what else to do. Carla and her friends were skipping school as there hangovers were to bad in a moring to go. After they had recoved from there hangovers they went out into town to stal some things to sell on for dung and beer money it was a vishios circle and when the club was closed they just went back to goin ot the park and anywere on the streets. Soon everyone moved on from shops to houses were there was gold and jewls worth alot more. People were terrifed to go out the teens were out of controle people were mugged and if they had nothin beeten up. There cravings drove them to do the lowest of things. Reversing the legisation made thigns worse as they just went out on to the streets in houseing ares left bottles and needles. People learnt that about 6pm the teens (that has squatted in peoples houses removing the families) came out of there comatosed states and were craving for more alchol and drugs. people didnt wak around or draw attention to there houses throught fear of attack. the government now has to pay the price of a contry living in fear and teens ever more growing to controle the areas they lived in. ...read more.

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