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Do You Have to Succeed to be Happy?

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Austin Richardson Bradley - 1 09/19/00 English 2 Do You Have to Succeed to be Happy? Happiness and success are two of the most important things that people strive to achieve in life. There are a lot of good reasons why one is better than the other. The virtue that I believe to be more important is happiness. ...read more.


They might also become furious and kill others. There is a story about a king who was wealthy and successful in what he was doing, but he was unhappy. He did not like anything that he was doing, and in doing so, he got involved in drugs and alcohol. He later committed suicide because of his depression and unhappiness. ...read more.


Without happiness, success is worth absolutely nothing. Happiness will take you in many places and you will love it. In conclusion, the comparison between happiness and success are extraordinary. Although many people want to succeed in life, happiness is what all people should strive to accomplish. Happiness is the key element to everything. You need to be happy in what you do in order to accomplish your task. If everyone strived to become happy, the world would be a much better place. ...read more.

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