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Dolce et decorum est

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"Dolce et decorum est." and "who's for the game?" Wilfred Owen and Jessie Pope were very popular poets during the WW1. In Jesse Popes poem "who's for the game", her aim was to recruit men and boys to the war whereas Wilfred Owens poem about how he suffered a gas attack and was injured, he also writes about how the men suffered. In popes poem "who's for the game ", she uses an extended metaphor. The metaphor she uses suggests that the war is a game. She describes the war as many types of sports such as football, boxing, racing and also hunting. I think that she uses this because most men are into sports and so they will think that the war is like a sport and go to war, so she uses it to grab their attention. ...read more.


It makes your mind think that my country is calling for me specially. I also get this because she applies the word "you" very firmly, this also ends the poem off nicely because it is making you think. The structure of her poem is the same in every paragraph; this is because she is using a rhyming word at the end of every sentence. I say she uses this to go with the rhythm she is using or else it will sound odd. I suppose that Wilfred Owens is more effective because it is a primary source of the war so it, again, will make you think. Even though it was meaningful it also was also strong as it created a much better image in your head unlike popes poem. I get this inspiration from the quote "he plunges at me, guttering, choking drowning." ...read more.


In "dolce et decorum est." it did not have a clear structure for the reason that some lines were longer then others and some paragraphs were much shorter then other. An example of one is in a certain stanza which is only 2 lines long, it also didn't go with beat of the poem which didn't matter because it did not really have a beat. However this also didn't affect about you felt about the poem because it was significant and even thoughtful. He also made his poem more exciting by adding sarcasm about Jessie pope by stating her as his "friend". To conclude I think that although Wilfred Owens poem was much better in my perspective, Jessie popes poem achieved her aim of sending 1000's of men to the war on the other hand Wilfred Owens poem did get published and his poem was much more complex and the language he uses is further more intellectual. ...read more.

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