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Dual Narrative

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Dual narrative Snow. The wind had picked up and sunrays shimmered off the crystallised water. We had equivocal views concerning the phenomenon, the poor vision was only a mild discomfort compared to Hades' frozen fire. It clawed the skin off our cheeks like a pack of mad wolves. The snow's warm glow however, was welcome as it provided us placebo warmth. We wanted to believe it provided relief. And by doing so, it did. Our footsteps left impressive but ephemeral holes through the thoroughfare of the isolated village of Arni. Julian and I had a journey to make. One, that upon hearing the news, instilled sorrow in the hearts of our loved ones. The elaborate structure of the town was unforgettable. The old houses jogged memories of events long forgotten. We found ourselves a little hovel leading to an old alehouse. After strenuously treading through the many doors in the long hall, we and inquired the price of liquor from the barkeep. Our cups of golden beer warmed our gloveless hands. We sipped and kept our ears open for news. Recent rumours of bear frenzies circulated around the hamlet. A mammoth of storms commenced. "Hmrrr". The wind howled the song of our brethren, the bears. ...read more.


The whole world became blurry, as if we had stood up too fast. A savage tearing had set off not too far away. We halted, with our hearts in our mouths due to the site that we beheld. A thin dark steaming flow of crimson substance suddenly came into view. Fresh Blood. The wind took an awkward break and the sweet aroma of gore took control. I hacked ferociously at the corpse with excitement. The sweet irony of the predator becoming prey, was only a side thought... The storm's noise seemed to have stopped and silence overwhelmed all. A creaking came from behind. We dared not to look. We froze. Julian glanced at me with wide eyes. Someone shouted superfluously, as we had no inclination to compromise our position; the author behind the bloody stream was yet to be determined. But where was the other side to the argument? The vociferous shouts became more frequent, but no motion was perceived. The chance that the source of these shouts being the assailant slimmed, so the obvious choice became apparent. Half of the hurried words were muffled, and we (or rather I) decided to follow it. As we approached, the man pointed to another blurry sight. ...read more.


My racing mind could not keep up with the growls and violence. Either excessive consternation got the best of him, or his bravery exceeded mine. I could see his faint silhouette on the far side of the igloo. An anxious drop of sweat trickled its way down my face, taking a superfluous amount of time. Another thud but no scream... I had trouble sanding up, the ice was like a glue to anything alive. Trying to dig my way out the entrance is no easy task; I took my gloves off to make my hands more effective. But the ice had become slippery because of my hands heating it. The irony... The storm swirled with heavy gusts of snow-packed wind. Nothing could survive this, no-one. This was no place for man. Blurred contours approached the translucent frost structure and banged, hard. Ruptures and crushed ice domed all around, the igloo was failing. I squirmed backwards to where the construction seemed strongest. The feeling of complete helplessness hit me, and the contraption crumbled. New and miasmic air crisped my cheeks. Exhaustion prevented me from tilting my head. I was acutely dizzy. A familiar yet mesmerising shape moved around and grew. I felt a searing pain on from the left as the world slanted to the right. Silent darkness followed. ...read more.

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