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Duffy- Feminist Propaganda?

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It has been said that 'The World's Wife' is simply feminist propaganda. Discuss weather you agree with this view or not. You should refer to 2-3 poems or range through the collection. Propaganda is a message purposefully written to influence opinions, causing the viewer to agree with the message writer's point of view. These are often written in a misleading manner with equivocations. However in 'The World's Wife' many of the poems see women in a negative point of view and many of the women described in the poems are described as happy at the thought of children and child-birth. There is a lack of continuity in the themes of the poems, some are about lesbianism, some are about not conforming to society, but others are about accepting family life and other themes of conformity. There are a few decisively feminist poems, for example 'Queen Herod'. This poem is a different view of the bible story in which Herod sentences to death every male infant in his kingdom to kill the son of God. ...read more.


She also holds them in awe 'those vivid three' and fear 'the fierce eyes'. These are powerful emotions, and it appears as though Queen Herod is jealous of the freedom of the queens while she stays in the heterosexual relationship with Herod, this suggests that Queen Herod has a desire not to conform, which is a key feminist idea. While Queen Herod could arguably be linked to the idea of feministic propaganda, there are many poems that can't. One such example is 'Salome'. Salome is taken from the story of Herod and Herodias's marriage. They were related and therefore John the Baptist condemned the marriage. Out of revenge Herodias told her daughter Salome to seduce Herod until he would give her anything she wanted. She was to say she wanted John the Baptist's head on a platter. This poem looks at women in a negative, modern respect. She could perhaps be arguing that there are some dangers to complete freedom from current society. ...read more.


I was as bad' this suggests that now she has grown up she regrets the choices in her early life, her attachment to material goods as opposed to sentimental ideals. It can be argued that for a feminist argument Mrs Faust's freedom from the normal rules of male dominated society allowed her to lead a successful and fulfilling life, however it also suggests that her freedom from this society has given her regrets in her later life. In conclusion I believe the main message of Carol Ann Duffy's poems is to be ones own self- individualism. There is no definite theme through out the poems, each is unique in its own manner, not all the women are good and not all the men are bad. Duffy has used these poems to explore a range of themes from lesbianism to greed and while all the poems are about women, and thus, to a degree, all feminine, Duffy does not appear to use feminist propaganda in her poems. Therefore I do not agree with the proposed statement. ...read more.

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