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dulce et decorum est and

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Pre-post 1914 poetry course work (Dulce et Decorum Est and The Last of the Light Brigade) One of the poems I studied was a poem called Dulce Et Decorum Est. The poem was written in 8th of October to March 1918 by Wilfred Owen. This poem is about a company of men in World War 2 who are trudging on and seem to be tired and old. They then get attacked by gas and one of the men can't get his mask on in time. The poet explains how it is not 'sweet and right to die for your country' because of the horrors of war. The other poem is called The Last of the Light Brigade. This poem was written in 1891 by Kipling. This poem is about how after the Crimean War the soldiers of the light brigade were forgotten so they went to a writer and asked him to write about what they are now like. Also about how poor they are and how their past glories amount to nothing. ...read more.


These show that seem to be old before their time. In the third stanza the poet uses the pronoun 'you' multiple times to make the reader feel more involved and to feel the mood of the verse, which is horror. The rhyming scheme in 'Dulce et Decorum Est' is a,b,a,b, which seems to make the poem more slow and gradual. This accentuates the points I have already made and makes it feel like the men are marching slowly and having to put a lot of effort into it. The use of punctuation also slows down the pace and emphasises remarks previously made. The mood of the poem is very sombre and depressing due to the subject matter and some of the vocabulary the author uses. Some examples of this vocabulary used are 'lame', 'trudged', 'vile' and 'obscene', which show that it has a sinister atmosphere. The tone the author uses in this poem is full of pity for the soldiers and conveys the anger of how he feels that war is so unjust. ...read more.


Kipling creates a sad, pitiful and has-been atmosphere by his use of rhythm and his use of different vocabulary which shows the sad and demeaning side of the heroes, for example "strove to stand to attention". The tone the author uses shows that he is on the side of the Light Brigade because he belittles people that have not helped them, "o thirty million English that babble of England's might". The use of the word 'babble' decries the English public who have not helped them. The two poems are quite similar in the fact that they both are both despairing and mournful toward war and people and they both also convey anger about things. I think that these poems are very similar and make points that are very akin but the writers make these points in different way to one another. I found these two poems very good in the way that they are meaningful and have a good message to pass along to people who read it. I agree with the messages of the two poems that are essentially anti- war and how we should always remember. ?? ?? ?? ?? Samuel Austin 10B ...read more.

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